07: Decryption and Electronics

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07: Decryption and Electronics
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect

If any character in the squad possesses the Decryption Talent, you gain the ability to override locks on doors and equipment containers. If any character has the Electronics Talent, you gain the ability to repair or salvage broken equipment. If there are multiple characters with the appropriate Talent, the highest skill is used.

To use Decryption or Electronics, approach an object and press [ Middle Mouse Button ] to interact with it. A pop-up box will tell you what options are available, based on your level of skill and the difficulty of the lock / repair. If your skill is not high enough to even attempts the task, you will be told so. If your skill is barely enough, you may bypass the mechanism by expending omni-gel. If your skill is sufficient, you have the option of playing a mini-game to unlock / repair the object without expending omni-gel.

In the mini-game, you control a probe that begins at the bottom of the screen. It can be moved using the basic movement commands:

Forward [ W ]

Left (Clockwise): [ A ]

Right (Counterclockwise): [ D ]

Back: [ S ]

In the center of the screen is a countdown timer that indicates how much time you have to successfully complete the game. You must get the probe to the center before the timer runs out. This is complicated by concentric rings of obstacles representing countermeasures and "broken bits." Some obstacles revolve around the center, others are stationary. If your probe hits an obstacle, it will be knocked back to its starting position at the bottom.

If you fail to complete the mini-game in the time allowed, you still have the option to complete the decryption / repair by expending omni-gel.