103rd Marine Division

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103rd Marine Division
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

The old saying "every marine is a rifleman" still holds true in the Alliance. Every marine enlistee, from clerk to sniper, goes through a period of infantry training. As a result, the 103rd Marine Division is Earth's largest collection of Special Forces soldiers. Officers from notable battles such as the Skyllian Blitz and the First Contact War, run harsh training exercises in a variety environments, insisting the marines be prepared to storm any beach, on any planet. This training has been useful in the Reaper War, as the 103rd can be fighting in an arctic desert one week, crawling through jungles the next.

If the player has located Special Ops Team Zeta:


Nicknamed the Bridge Burners, Team Zeta are combat engineers who specialize in destroying enemy fortifications in hostile territory. This tight-knit group of men and women are respected for their knowledge, renowned for their tenacity, and infamous for their enthusiasm.

If the player rescues the students from Grissom Academy, and elects for them to go into support roles:


Biotic students from the Grissom Academy have joined the 103rd Marine Division as a support unit. The students focus their biotics into barriers that shield the marines and help control the flow of the battlefield.

If the player schedules the first interview with Diana Allers aboard the Normandy.


Commander Shepard's interview with Diana Allers about the attempted takeover of the Citadel noted Cerberus' tactical missteps, which improved the morale of Alliance ground forces.

If the player locates the Alliance Marine Reconnaissance Unit War Asset.


The Alliance Marine Reconnaissance Unit flies recon drones and occasionally puts live recon teams into play. AMRU works hard to ensure information is up-to-date, using VIs to disseminate intel as quickly as possible.