1945k III

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1945k III
Basic Information
Video Game
Oriental Software
Oriental Software
Shoot 'em up
Retail Features
Play Information
Arcade Specifications
68000 @ 16 MHz
2048 colors
8-way Joystick, 4 Buttons
60 Hz
224 × 320 pixels
2 x OKI6295 @ 1 MHz
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Arcade machines
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1945kIII is a scrolling shooter arcade video game. It was developed and published by the Korean developer Oriental Software in 2000.

In this game, the player controls a fighter and has to shoot as many enemy fighters as possible while the stage is moving forward. There are many bonuses and new weapons available. The gameplay is reminiscent of several 1980s scrolling shooter arcade video games.

There is also a browser-based version of this game.

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