1991 in video gaming

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A timeline of events that took place in 1991.

Console hardware releases[edit | edit source]

Nintendo[edit | edit source]

While Nintendo initially dominated the market with its' 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, released in 1985, Sega gained momentum when its' 16-bit Genesis machine hit the market in 1988. Facing loss of marketshare and an aging console, Nintendo reluctantly designed a new machine. Ten months after the Super Famicom was released in Japan, Nintendo replaced the Nintendo Entertainment System with the SNES in America. The system, which would go on to sell over 49 million units worldwide, included Super Mario World and retailed for US$199.

Notable software releases[edit | edit source]

Unknown dates:

The mega-popular fighting series receives an overhaul.


The fourth Space Quest adventure sees Roger Wilco travel in time, both back to a prior game in the series and forward to a fictional future game.


A fast-paced side-scrolling platformer, Sonic was designed as Sega's new mascot to steal thunder from rival Nintendo's Mario character.


This Japanese RPG finds Cecil Harvey uncovering a plot to steal the Crystals of the world.


The wildly-popular city-building simulation receives a release for the new home console.
New to the classic Mario series were Yoshi and the Super Feather, a Raccoon Suit-like powerup giving Mario a cape and allowing him to fly.
Shadow Warriors was the European release of Ninja Gaiden.
The final chapter of the Super Mario Bros. saga to grace the NES is released in Europe.


Beat 'em up action on the go was the focus of this Sega release.
A spin-off of Golden Axe, this hybrid adventure/action RPG was seen as a refined clone of Zelda II, featuring random battles with a side-scrolling perspective.