1 Tile Baby Mat - and 1 Tile Changing Table

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1 Tile Baby Mat - and 1 Tile Changing Table
Basic Information
The Sims 2
Microsoft Windows
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
July 202007
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Excerpt from website[edit | edit source]

Someone was asking about for a 1 tile crib on Sims 2 community. I thought it'd be a useful item for those smaller homes. I also create a 1 tile changing table to help save space too.

These 2 items may look very simple but believe me it was not easy to get the infants and toddlers positioned just right for the animations to look good. I spent hours of working on these 2 item. So I sure hope some of you can use it.

I created a mat like this for infants awhile back. This one allows for toddlers to use, very similar to the way my crib works. They will wiggle into their pj's before going to bed and upon waking they wiggle into their everyday outfits. I had to resize it to make it work for toddlers so it is a little larger than my previous version, but it only actually uses 1 tile in game. My previous take up 2 tiles as does the Maxis crib.

Parents can not put toddlers to bed only the infants. Toddlers will go to bed on their own, or you can direct them to do so.

The items are found under General/Child both are very cheap to help out you needy sims. Crib/Mat is $35 and the Changing table is $25 simoleons.

I tested the crib/mat in Life Stories and it worked fine so it should work with the base game. The changing table should also work with the base game as I did have the setting set for base game only. If anyone finds differently please let me know.

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