221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game

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221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game
Basic Information
Board Game
Gammon Games, Gibsons Games, Grow Jogos e Brinquedos, H. P. Gibson & Sons, John N. Hansen Co., Ventura International
Family, Thematic, Deduction, Murder Mystery, Games based on novels or other literature
Play Information
90 minutes
Paper-and-Pencil, Role-playing and Roll/Spin and Move
Main Credits
Antler Productions and Jay Moriarty
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A board game casting the player(s) in the role of Sherlock Holmes. Gameplay involved rolling a single die to move a coloured game piece through the streets of early 20th-Century London to various locations, such as an Apothecary's Shop or Scotland Yard. Players were confronted with a short mystery at the opening of the game; player movement across the board gave access to various clues. It was then up to the player to solve the mystery based on the text clues made available at the game board's myriad locations.

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