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2D Boy
Basic Information
Basic Information
Business Type
Company Type
Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel
Head Office(s)
 United StatesSan Francisco, California

2D Boy is an American independent video game development company founded by Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, former Electronic Arts employees who left their jobs to form an independent development and production company.

They state that "their swanky San Francisco office is whichever free wi-fi coffee shop they wander into on a given day."[1]

Their first release was World of Goo, a physics-based puzzle game built around the idea of creating large structures using balls of goo. The game won the Independent Games Festival 2008 Innovation Award as well as the 2008 Technical Excellence Award, and was nominated for the festival's Seumas McNally grand prize.[2] World of Goo gained a great deal of media attention after celebrating the one year anniversary of its release with a "pay whatever you think it is worth" scheme, where customers could name their own price (for a limited time) rather than paying the normal set price of US$20.[3]

In July 6, 2010, 2D Boy, Capybara Games, and thatgamecompany started a program called the "Indie Fund", which aims to support game development, by helping independent developers become financially independent.

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