90 Minutes European Prime Goal

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90 Minutes European Prime Goal
Basic Information
Video Game
Ocean Software, Namco
Association Football
Retail Features
Main Credits
Eriko Imura
European Union European Release Date(s)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
December 201995
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90 Minutes: European Prime Goal - known in Japan as J.League Soccer Prime Goal 3 (Jリーグサッカー プライムゴール3?, "J.League Soccer Prime Goal 3")[1] - is a 1994[2][3] Super Nintendo Entertainment System[4] association football video game. The player(s) get to play in either exhibition, tournament, or in the all-star mode. The view is from a left-right perspective and the national flags of several European countries are used in the game. In the game mode "You're a Hero," the player must make miracle plays that either win and/or change the game. The kick-off is doing using 3D graphics with the camera showing the spectators in the grandstand. Music composed by Eriko Imura[5].

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