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A Bug's Life

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Level 1 (Anthill): Welcome to Ant Island[edit | edit source]

Overview: Alarm! The grasshoppers have been spotted. Everybody hide! Flik needs to find the entrance to the Anthill.

Dot will guide you to the Anthill, so follow her. However, you should also take time to collect all the grain you can find, as well as the tokens, and letters. You'll find the gold berry next to a rock that overlooks the starting point. Once you've taken out all the enemies and collected everything, head for the Anthill to complete the level.

Level 2 (Tunnels): Grasshoppers' Arrival[edit | edit source]

Overview: Oh no! Flik's harvester invention knocked all the food off the offering stone into the riverbed. He must find the Council Chambers and warn Princess Atta.

This level is a straightfoward underground cave with numerous passageways leading to various locations. Most of the passages here are sealed, and will only open if you have a certain amount of grain. You'll need to collect purple tokens in order to get a gold berry here. You can also use the harvester to destroy enemies, but you can't jump when you're using it. In addition, some sections of the cave crumble as you go through them. A few sections will have grasshoppers that come in through the ceiling; your red berries won't hurt them, only the super, homing, mega-homing, or gold berries are capable of taking them out. Once you've gotten all 50 grain pieces and enemies, and all 4 letters, head to the end of the tunnel, where the entrance to the Council Chamber is.

Level 3 (Council Chamber): They Call Him Thumper[edit | edit source]

Overview: Hopper is boiling mad because the ants have no food for the grasshoppers. He threatens to let Thumper - a crazy grasshopper - attack Princess Dot. Flik must come to her rescue and defeat Thumper.

Getting the grain is all-too-easy in this level, as it's all around the giant mushroom in the middle. To get the letters and purple tokens, you'll need to jump on the glowing mushrooms. Watch out for Thumper, though: he chases you around the room and sends mosquitoes after you. Once you get the gold berry, take out Thumper's mosquitoes, as well as the deranged big bad bug himself.

Level 4 (Cliffside): Dandelion Flight[edit | edit source]

Overview: Flik comes up with a plan to go to The City... and find bigger bugs to help fight the grasshoppers. "For the colony and for oppressed ants everywhere!" Riding the winds on a dandelion fluff, Flik must fly past the thorn plant to avoid the bird.

At first glance, this should be easy, but don't be fooled; there's a bird flying around, and if you land anywhere on the rocks below, the bird will get you, resulting in instant death. Grab all the grain, the letter F, and the tokens here to be able to grow a propeller plant and a dandelion. When you're ready, fly on the dandelion across the canyon; you'll find the L in the canyon as well as a few dragonflies. Once you get past the thorn plant, you're safe; the bird won't get you there. In this section you'll find the remaining pieces of grain, letters, enemies, and the gold berry. Once you get the gold berry, the quickest way to get back to the starting point is to let the bird get you. Do that, and fly across the canyon again, taking out the dragonflies along the way. Once you've eliminated all the enemies and collected all the grain and letters, head for the exit to complete the level.

Level 5 (Riverbed Canyon): Riverbed Run[edit | edit source]

Overview: Having made his across half the canyon, Flik must venture into the riverbed cracks and find his way out of the maze.

This is a very lengthy level. Most of the seeds here are embedded; that means you can't pull them out. First go forward and then to the right to find a portable seed; bring it back to the starting point to reach the F. To progress through the area, you'll need to collect the green tokens in order to scale the higher walls, and in some cases, a mushroom-stalk combination. In a few sections, you'll find rock mountains with Daddy-Long-Legs guarding items (including letters, tokens, and the all-important gold berry, so you can take out the 51 baddies in the area) at the top; some of them have gaps that you'll need to jump across carefully. Also, further into the level, spiky seeds fall down around you. For the mountains that have gaps, you'll need to use propeller plants (you'll find the token to grow them at the exit) to get the portable seeds up to the top.

Level 6 (Birdnest): Bird Bait[edit | edit source]

Overview: There is a really big bird guarding the path to The City. To continue on his quest, Flik must scare the bird away.

The bird that ambushed you in Level 4 is back. Collect all the grain, tokens, and letters on the ground first, then work your up to the rocky platforms, collecting the remaining items. Be aware, though: once you get the gold berry, the bird flies higher up, out of range. To coax the bird back down, you'll need a berry shooter. Take out the enemies before growing a berry shooter. Once the bird is in range again, assail the feathered beast with gold berries until it retreats.

Level 7 (City Entrance): Little Ant, Big City[edit | edit source]

Overview: "Try not to look a country bug." Flik is in awe as he enters the teeming metropolis of The City in search of warrior bugs. First, he needs to locate Heimlich, Slim, and Francis.

All the enemies here will drop grain upon defeat, so be sure to grab the grain pieces quickly if you hope to complete this level 100%, and as always, there are grain pieces lying out in the open. There's also poisonous green gunk that you can only cross safely with invulnerability. There are also 3 gates that you'll need certain amounts of grain to go through; the first one requires 10 pieces, the second one needs 20, and the third expects 30. To get on top of some of the cans, you'll need to grow a flower, which you can do when you have all 4 green tokens. Heimlich, Slim, and Francis are behind the third gate, as well as the fourth purple token, positioned precariously above a grating; you'll need a flower to reach it. Once you've safely gotten the token and have grown the gold berry, go back and take down the enemies, provided that you've already gotten their grain pieces. Finally, go to the area behind gate no. 3 and meet up with Heimlich, Slim, and Francis to complete the level.

Level 8 (City Square): Meet The Circus Troupe[edit | edit source]

Overview: Flik needs to locate the rest of the army: Gypsy, Manny, Dim, Rosie and Tuck & Roll.

The enemies here don't drop grain upon defeat, so that makes things a little easier. The first thing on your to-do list is gain the super-jump ability; you'll need 4 blue tokens to do so. You'll find one of the blue tokens near Dim. Throughout the level, there are signs that point you towards the characters you're looking for. You'll find Dim and Rosie on the ground, while Gypsy, Manny, and Tuck & Roll are on the upper platforms in the area. There are 23 enemies here, and they're mostly Daddy-Long-Legs, Flies, and Cockroaches.

Level 9 (Bug Bar): Horsefly Mayhem[edit | edit source]

Overview: Escaping from Thud, who's one horse of a fly, the circus bugs send the Bug Bar, a tin can, rolling down the street. Flik is caught in the middle of the action and must defeat Thud!

There are numerous objects rolling around inside this place, which will damage you if you touch them. To reach the letters here, as well as the gold berry (which you should wait to get until you deplete a good portion of Thud's health), you'll need to push a small bouncy ball around. As for the grain, Thud drops grain (and health replenishments) every time he takes a hit; you know the drill: grab it quickly. Watch out though: Thud attacks by throwing super berries at you. Every time you hit him, Thud flies to the opposite end of the can. Once he has only one bar of health left, grab the gold berry and finish him off.

Level 10 (Clover Forest): Assemble The Bird[edit | edit source]

Overview: Flik thinks he's found his army and hires the Circus Bugs. Back on Ant Island, they concoct a plan to build a mechanical bird to scare Hopper. Flik needs to locate all the parts to build the bird.

First, use a portable seed to reach the two green tokens. Next, grab the second portable seed, and put them next to the left wall, creating a mushroom-stalk combination. Climb up to meet Gypsy and Manny. Manny performs his metamorphosis magic trick on Gypsy to produce the bird's left wing. Then, produce a propeller plant to reach the red token, making it possible to grow a propeller plant, so you can get the portable seeds to higher elevations. Then use it to reach the bird's head. Take out a couple armor plated beetles to find the bird's tail piece and acquire the two remaining red tokens, giving you the ability to grow a cannon plant, which can launch you to incredible heights. Meet up with Slim and Francis to acquire the bird's other wing. Track down all the grain pieces around here before using the cannon plant to reach the gold berry. After taking out all 24 enemies, finding all 4 letters, and collecting 46 pieces of grain, use the cannon plant to get on top of the spire in the upper area to find the remaining four grain pieces as well as the last bird piece: the body. Grab the grain carefully, and then grab the final bird piece to put this level behind you.

Level 11 (The Tree): Blueberry Scouts To The Rescue[edit | edit source]

Overview: The grasshoppers are back! Flik must locate the five Blueberry scouts needed to fly the bird and get them to the bird-launching platform.

Like Levels 8 and 10, this is yet another level that involves collecting. First, collect all the tokens and grain on the ground, optionally using the harvester to obiliterate the baddies on the ground (there are 17 on the ground, and the remaining 15 are encountered as you ascend the tree), and then use the cannon plant to acquire the gold berry. Next, start climbing the tree. This is where the level gets tricky: the letters, Blueberry scouts, and some of the grain pieces are on precarious branches, so you'll have to jump down from higher up in order to reach the letters, and walk carefully. When you find a Blueberry scout, Dim descends to bring them to the top. Also, acorns come rolling along the tree, so watch out. You'll also find gaps at a few points. You'll need to use a vine and Rosie's web to cross them. Once you've found all five scouts, meet up with Dot at the top to end the level.

Level 12 (Battle Arena): Lead The Revolt[edit | edit source]

Overview: The bird launches beautifully. But at just the wrong moment, P.T. Flea appears and thinks his Circus Troupe is under attack. He lights the bird on fire and the ruse is revealed. The ants must fight back! Flik must show the colony how it's done and defeat Molt.

This is a pretty easy level, as the only enemies here are three spiders, and of course, Hopper's brother, Molt, who merely runs around trying to attack you. The colony tries to support you with red berries, not knowing they have no effect on Molt. The usual 50 grain pieces are all over the place, there are four green and purple tokens here, and some of the letters are above you, so you'll need to grow stalks in order to reach them. Once you have the gold berry, take out the spiders, while avoiding the red berries that the colony provides you, and throw gold berry after gold berry at Molt until he goes down.

Level 13 (AntHill, Part 2): Grasshoppers Leave![edit | edit source]

Overview: Furious that he has been tricked, Hopper grabs Princess Atta. Now it's time for Flik to claim Ant Island back for the ant colony and rescue Atta.

There's a lot to do to beat this level. Of course, your goal is to free Princess Atta from Hopper's clutches. He starts out next to the Anthill, but then flies off to the rock where the gold berry was located in Level 1 and remains there. First, use Tuck and Roll to reach the two green tokens, and then look for two more green tokens. To acquire some of the remaining items, you'll need to find portable seeds; the only portable seeds here are in the possession of a couple grasshoppers. Look for the yellow token to grow a blue berry shooter, and use it to take out the grasshoppers holding the portable seeds; one is located near Hopper, and the other is at the offering stone. Use the flower stalks to reach a red token, giving you the ability to grow a propeller plant, and another yellow token, allowing you to grow a homing berry shooter, which is crucial to completing this level. Use the propeller plants to propel the portable seeds upward onto the leaf close to the Anthill, and onto the tree root, giving you access to a third yellow token, allowing you to grow a mine-plant, an explosive plant with the same capabilities as the gold berry and harvester, especially since neither of those items are available here. Don't hold or get close to the mine-plant when it explodes or you'll take damage. For the airborne enemies, such as the Wasps and Mosquitoes, release the mine-plant just before it explodes. Once you've gotten all the grain and letters, and eliminated all the enemies, it's time to help Princess Atta. Reacquire a portable seed, change its color to yellow, and select the homing berry shooter. Go to the rock where Hopper is flying around, and grow the shooter. Hopper may be out of your reach, but never fear: the homing berries will go straight for him. Once he has been pelted several times, the big bully releases Atta and flies off; talk to her to end the level.

Level 14 (Riverbed Flight): Riverbed Flight[edit | edit source]

Overview: Abandoned by his gang, Hopper seizes Flik and flies off. Princess Atta dodges in and rescues Flik. With one last-ditch effort, Flik instructs Atta to fly into the riverbed canyon so that Hopper will follow them.

This penultimate level is very different from all the others in that you're controlling Princess Atta as she carries Flik: you can move around as Atta while throwing berries as Flik. The first thing on your to-do list is to find the Super Berry and Gold Berry; there are 56 enemies here. What complicates things is that Hopper chases you throughout the level. Beating this level will take great care and patience. Once you acquire the gold berry, quickly, but carefully, fly down each path, collecting grain and letters and obliterating enemies as you go. One of the enemies is right at the exit; save him for last.

Level 15 (Canyon Showdown): Save The Colony[edit | edit source]

Overview: Knowing Hopper is afraid of birds, Flik must drive Hopper towards a real, live bird on the other end of the canyon.

This final level is vast, so you have to search very thoroughly to find all the grain, letters, and enemies. The only enemies here are grasshoppers, there are 16 of them, and they are somewhat hidden. Of course, it's Hopper you need to watch out for: he attacks with white berries. Some of the grain pieces and the letters are found on precarious ledges and platforms; you'll need to use a dandelion-propeller plant combo to get from one platform to the other on a few occassions. You won't get a Super Jump power-up here, and the only collectible berries here are the Super Berry and the Gold Berry; regardless of which one you have, you'll need to pelt Hopper with several of them before he takes any damage. This level is divided into 3 sections: inflict enough damage on Hopper (you'll find him hanging around the path to the middle area) and he goes on to the next section, knocking down the branches obstructing the path; your objective is to lure Hopper up to the bird's nest at the top of the mountain in the third area. You'll have to do a little bit of backtracking when you acquire the gold berry (found in the 3rd section just before the top of the mountain, where the bird's nest is located), or if you miss anything; the letters are in the first 2 sections (the F, L, and I are in the first section, and the K is in the 2nd section), while the grain and the enemies are found throughout all 3 sections. Once you reduce his health to two bars, Hopper goes to the top of the mountain in the level's end area, a few feet from the bird's nest, and remains there; once he's down to his last ounce of health, the bird starts to come towards him. Keep assailing Hopper with gold berries until his health is depleted and he is caught by the bird.