A Lot of Videos for ME2

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A Lot of Videos for ME2
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A Lot of Videos for ME2 is a mod that provides upscaled video of the game's 202 pre-rendered BIK video files. Each video file was broken down into individual PNG images, which were fed one-by-one into Topaz's Gigapixel AI, which then upscaled them. These images were then recombined, retouched, and sharpened using Adobe After Effects, then exported as an uncompressed QuickTime video. RAD Tools then converted this video file into a BIK file. Currently both 1080p and 4k versions of this mod are available.

The ALOT Installer is currently only compatible with the 1080p version of this mod, while the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager is compatible with both the 1080p and 4k versions of the mod.

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