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Template:Weasel Acclaim Studios Teesside was a British video game developer based in Teesside, England. The company was founded in 1988 by brothers Darren and Jason Falcus as Optimus Software. Optimus was acquired by American developer Iguana Entertainment in 1993 and was renamed Iguana UK. Finally, Iguana UK was acquired by Acclaim Entertainment in 1995 and became Acclaim Studios Teesside.

Darren and Jason Falcus remained with the company until 2000, when they left to form Atomic Planet Entertainment. At the same time, Acclaim made a sharp cut in the number of employees at Acclaim Studios. The studio was finally closed in 2002, with many staff being relocated to Acclaim Cheltenham.

Games developed by Iguana UK/Acclaim Studios Teesside[edit | edit source]