Ace Squadron

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Ace Squadron
Basic Information
Video Game
Atomic Planet
Combat Flight Simulation
GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2
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Ace Squadron was a planned Aerial Combat game to be developed by Atomic Planet and was to be released on the GameCube, the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. A press release said the following about the game:

gamers will be given the opportunity to shout ‘Tally Ho!’ and dive their trusty Spitfire into a dogfight with swarms of Nazi aircraft. There are scores of missions to play, from the heady days of the Battle of Britain to dangerous raids on secret weapons factories in the last days of the war, and dozens of different and powerful warplanes to fly, such as the majestic Spitfire, the nimble Mosquito and the sturdy Lancaster

Not much information exists about the game, just a few screenshots.

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