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Adult Gaming Enthusiasts is a gaming community with members that play video games on various platforms. AGE has a focus on more "mature" multiplayer gaming. There is a rule that those that frequent the website must be 21+ years of age. While this can be very difficult to maintain, AGE is able to weed out those who break this rule through voice chat on PC or Xbox Live. AGE contains a community forum, the ability to catalogue your games and find users that have similar, and dabble a little bit in reviews/gaming news.

History[edit | edit source]

In mid to late 2003 a member of named Sharky begin recruiting on the forums for new people to come to GNG in an attempt to build a group of Xbox Live players. The main rules being you must be 21 years or older and "not a dick". Within months these new people numbered over 50 or so with a handfull becoming full fledged GNG members. Two of these members, DavidNDC and hitman23vtech (then known as hitman23), begin helping Sharky with moderating of the Xbox Live section of the GNG forums. Up until this point GNG had been PC centric so a division between the two groups grew. Before long fights begin and sometime in early 2004 Sharky, tired of the fighting, said he was leaving GNG. Unanimously the entire Xbox Live group decided to follow Sharky and would help with the creation of a new site and forums.

There were many offers to help and in the end DavidNDC, hitman23vtech, and Sharky secured the web address and forums. The name and rules of the new community (or guild) were decided upon by all the fledgling members. During this time a permanent website was created on June 21, 2004. The community would be governed by a council of seven people and would consist of members and non-members. Council members must be members for at least six months to be voted in with new voting every six months. DavidNDC, hitman23vtech, and Sharky were made "admins" where they control the behind these scenes of the website while the Council decided community based rules and guidelines.

Around June of 2005 dissention within the ranks of AGE between the Admins and the Council began. The Council felt like the puppet of the Admins, while the Admins felt like the Council were trying to wrench control of the site away from them. When no resolution to the conflict was made the entire Council left AGE and started a new website The Adult Gamer created by Hatter.

After some members outside of the Council followed to The Adult Gamer, the members of AGE did away with the system of Council or "members" as it was and it is where the community stands today.

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