Advance Wars: Dual Strike/Walkthrough

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Units[edit | edit source]

These are the units that you will control. They can be built from factories for money that you earn from captured cities. Some must be unlocked by beating side quest maps. This section is divided into New and Old.

New Units[edit | edit source]

  • Aircraft Carriers - The APC/Rocket of the sea. They can carry two flying units at a time, as well as refuel them and supply them. Handy for aircrafts that use up fuel quickly, or getting crafts through areas where they may be shot down by missiles. They can also shoot missiles at aircrafts.
  • Black Boat - A repair ship. Cannot attack, but can repair 1 HP to any nearby unit. They can also carry infantry across the ocean.
  • Black Bomb - A giant unmanned missile. Fly it towards the enemy, and then choose "Explode". It will do 5 damage to everything within 3 spaces, even your own units, but does not destroy any units. Runs out of fuel quickly, but travels far.
  • MegaTanks - Stronger than Medium & Neo Tanks. Just one, giant, multi-gun tank. Insanely strong and stupid-good defense. Main cannon only has 3 shots before needing to resupply, and very low movement range.
  • Oozium - Strong defenses, and instantly kills anything in it moves over. However, it can only move one space at a time, and, lacking any armament, cannot counterattack. Just don't park anything next to it unless you're sure you can kill it.
  • Piperunner - Factories next to a pipe can create pipe runners. These are mobile cannons. They can only move along the pipe, but have a long ranged attack. If the pipe joints are broken, their movement will be limited.
  • Stealth Bomber - Submarines of the sky. They can "Hide" instead of dive. When hiding, they can only be hit by other Stealth Bombers, or Fighter Jets. Strong, but use up fuel quickly.

Old Units[edit | edit source]

  • Infantry - Your basic soldier unit. Can capture bases, but damaged units take longer to completely capture a base.
  • Mech - Mechanized Infantry. Can also capture bases. More powerful than regular infantry, but more expensive.
  • Recon - Anti-personnel vehicle with a long vision range in fog of war.
  • Tank - Armored vehicle.
  • Medium Tank - Armored vehicle. Bigger than a tank.
  • APC - Armored Personnel Carrier. Can carry one infantry unit and refuel/rearm any unit in range.
  • Artillery - Indirect combat unit. Does substantial damage, but can't defend itself.
  • Rocket - Has more range and power than the Artillery.
  • Anti-Air - A direct-combat unit that is strong against air units and can hold its own against infantry.
  • Missile - This has the same range as the rocket, but it is an anti-air weapon.
  • Battleship - An ocean-going indirect combat unit. Has the longest range.
  • Cruiser - Submarine-hunting ship that can also attack aircraft.
  • Lander - Can carry 2 units over seas. Loads/unloads units at ports and shoals.
  • Submarine - Ship-hunter. Can submerge (with increased fuel upkeep) to prevent most units (except cruisers and other submarines) from firing on them. While submerged, submarines are also hidden from enemies.
  • Fighter - Excellent attack power against battle copters, but can also attack other planes.
  • Bomber - Uses bombs against ground targets.
  • Battle Copter - Good attack versus ground and sea units, but loses to fighter jets.
  • Transport Copter - Can carry one infantry unit anywhere. Must be over land to load/unload.
  • Other units to be added...