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Adventure 1[edit | edit source]

The first adventure is a simple and quick run.

To start, you need to collect the black key. It is located to the right and down, and is guarded by the green dragon.

The image to the right represents the "blue" maze. It contains five distinct rooms, with the entrance shown in the middle. It is organized into columns, but a twist in the map can confuse some players.

In this difficulty, you can head directly right from the starting area, and take the downward exit. Follow the path, and you should see the bridge in place, and walk across it. Otherwise, you will have to zig-zag right and left until you reach the top. Taking the right exit will bring you to the open room, where you can head directly upwards to the black castle.

Touch the gate with the black key and enter. You can find the grail two rooms in, and can return this to the gold castle.

Adventure 2[edit | edit source]

The second adventure is the full game, with four labyrinths to go through, and three castles.

The items start in the following locations, but are quickly moved around by the bat:

  • Sword: At the start room, but immediately grabbed by the bat.
  • Gold key: Located in the second room of the catacombs east of the starting area.
  • White key: Located in the blue maze, before the approach to the black castle.
  • Magnet: Found south of the white castle.
  • Bridge: Located in the third room of the catacombs.
  • Black key: Located in the white castle. Requires the bridge to access.
  • Grail: Within the black castle.

Blue Maze[edit | edit source]

The blue maze is identical in layout to the first adventure, except the bridge is in the eastern maze instead of here.

From the start, go to the left, and zig-zag upwards until you reach the top. Take the upper right exit, and you will reach an open room. The white key is here, and if you head directly to the north, you will find the black castle.

Catacombs[edit | edit source]

The catacombs to the right will be the first darkened area.

First, take the downward exit to the left. This allows you to get the gold key, and unlock the starting area.

To reach the white castle from the starting area, take the right-hand exit. This brings you to the lower orner of the second room, which has only a downward path. In the third room, exit to the left. The castle is then to the north, and unlocked by the white key.

White castle maze[edit | edit source]

You need the bridge to get through the white castle maze, and it is found in the third room of the catacombs (in plain sight).

Head straight north, and place the bridge on the upper wall. Cross the bridge, and follow the only path to reach the black key.

Black castle maze[edit | edit source]

To reach the grail, head directly north, taking the left o the two northern exits. The grail is in plain sight, but it guarded by the red dragon. Kill or slip past the dragon, and bring the grail back to the gold castle.

Also within this maze is an isolated room. If it is safe, you can bring the bridge to this maze. Look for the room in the bottom-middle of one of the screens - you are in the correct screen if you notice the flickering background. Place the bridge over the wall, and enter the isolated room to pick up a microdot. Bring this microdot to the starting corridor, until you reach the barrier to the right. If there is one other object in the room, you can cross the eastern barrier and see the developer inserting his credits.

Adventure 3[edit | edit source]

This is just like adventure 2, except that the items are randomly placed. This can make the game either very easy or very hard.

The random placement does not guarantee the game will be possible. While there are means to obtain an item embeeded in a wall, there are still means to retrieve the item using the bridge of magnet. However, it may sometimes place the key to the castle inside its own walls (for example, the gold key inside the gold castle), making the game unwinnable unless the bat manages to stumble on the inaccessible item.

Ram map[edit | edit source]

  • $008A = player room number
  • $008b = Player x position
  • $008c = player y position
  • $00bf = gold key room number. (if 12, game is unwinnable)
  • $00cb = bat room number