Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales

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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales
Basic Information
Video Game
1C Company, Playlogic
Sea Dogs and Pirates of the Caribbean
Successor title
Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships
Mouse, Keyboard
Microsoft Windows
Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales
Technical Information
STORM Engine 2.5
European Union European Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
September 202006
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
September 132006
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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, known in Russia as Corsairs III (Корсары III), is a computer game developed by Akella. Due to legal issues, it does not bear the name of the developers' previous pirate games Sea Dogs and Pirates of the Caribbean. Ironically, Pirates of the Caribbean was originally developed as Sea Dogs 2, but was modified at the brink of its release to fit the film license. Age of Pirates, on the other hand, is a true sequel to Sea Dogs despite the name change, and chronicles the story of the children of the main character from the original.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

In this game, the player can choose whether to play as Blaze Shark or his step sister, Beatrice Shark.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Age of Pirates Caribbean Tales plays out in several different ways. There are several different game elements both on land and sea.

1) Sailing on the map: time is sped up to compensate for the travel around the map; as you sail around several of the Caribbean islands you can choose to enter ports, attack ships or sail through storms.

2) Sailing in real time: on the sea is where the sea battles take place, as well as real-time sailing; also sailing through storms takes place in real time.

3) On foot: there are many different things you can do on foot; a few of these are fighting in boarding actions, fighting a captain one-on-one, and walking around town gathering sailors and supplies.

Criticism & Modifications (MODs)[edit | edit source]

As seen in several game reviews below: "A countless number of rough edges and some major bugs sap just about all the potential for entertainment from this overambitious, underdeveloped pearl." The game suffers from the same kind of problems as its predecessor, with frequent CTDs and slowdowns even on top-end machines, although the latest patch does bring noticeable improvements in stability.

In Contrast to using the new patch by itself one may want to use the Supermod Available for the game. With the release of the latest patch 1.5 being added into the supermod, the game plays as it was intended, and with some welcome additions (such as more ships). It is important to note here that the Supermod must be installed over a fresh unpatched version of the game, and in addition you must not install any patches, the supermod has all the patches built in.

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