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Basic Information
Location Information
0.17 Earth Atmospheres
4,910 km

Agebinium is a small terrestrial world with an extremely thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and krypton. Though the planet has sufficient mass to maintain a much thicker atmosphere, much of it has been blasted away.

The red giant Amazon is a long-period variable star, currently at the nadir of a 16-year cycle. At peak, its energy output doubles, lashing Agebinium with intense heat and radiation.

The crust is mainly composed of aluminium with deposits of tin. Much of the surface is coated with fine silicate dust, which easily penetrates the smallest cracks to foul machinery.

Note: The Mako can land here. There are deposits of samarium, magnesium and beryllium. A crashed probe can be salvaged here. There is a mine here for UNC: Espionage Probe. There is a Turian Insignia to be recovered here.