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Basic Information
Biographical Information
6' 2"
Kridlo Lidi

Akiyo is the main protagonist of Akiyo, he is a hybrid of Kridlo Lidi with Demon blood because of spiritual conflicts with the pieces of the Damon's soul that merged with him as a consequence of the interruption of Damon's attempt of possession over him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Akiyo has silvery white shaggy hair, pale skin and light blue eyes. His main outfit consists of a black jacket, a grey and maroon striped shirt, dark pants, and black boots.

His ears are pierced 6 times. He has black wings instead of the usual white wings Kridlo Lidi have.

When he turns into his demon form, his eyes turn maroon, in this form he also grows horns, facial marks and his ears become pointy shaped, similar to elves'.

Akiyo has a symbol in his left wrist, this mark sometimes itches and even hurts, the reasons of this are unknown to him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Akiyo wishes to be social, but due to being an outcast his social behaviour is severely affected and as consequence, he developed some social anxiety.

He is very determined and curious, always looking to find out more information about his past and trying to control his demon side, hoping to break his curse. He is kind, but not very trusting.

Past[edit | edit source]

The only piece of his past life he remembers is the face of a human girl named Angel, and a few of his emotions surrounding her. He is determined to learn more about her relevance in his past.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Angel[edit | edit source]

Unknown relationship, her face is the only piece of his human life he remembers.

Damon[edit | edit source]

Damon is a tyrant demon, and a dangerous threat to the people of Reka and humankind because of his plans of spreading death targeting humans. When Akiyo broke his possession he temporarily weakened Damon splitting his soul within his, possibly Akiyo's worst enemy.

Kridlo Lidi/Rekans[edit | edit source]

Most of the people of Reka treat him as a weird, cursed freak and a threat, discriminating him and even attacking him, his relationship with them is limited to nonexistent.

The Oracle[edit | edit source]

A key actor among the Kridlo Lidi, she's capable and willing to bring some help to Akiyo by helping him to discover the mysteries behind his existence in Reka.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Self-taught swordsmanship[edit | edit source]

In his loneliness as consequence of isolation, Akiyo finds a katana which he needs to use repeatedly because of his rejection over the use of essence, learning and improving with it as he uses it more. This Katana has an Astral Cross, a symbol that resembles the scar in his left wrist.

Essence control[edit | edit source]

As a Kridlo Lidi, Akiyo can use essence, the default, multi-purpose energy used by Rekans for self-defence, healing method, and weapon crafting. He rejects the excessive use of essence since it seems to provoke his demon form to appear.

Demon Form[edit | edit source]

Akiyo can turn into this form by the excessive use of essence and other reasons that are unknown, his physical appearance changes drastically, and he gains physical strength as well as more powerful essence based skills, he also gains skills that originally belong to demons, such as hexes, curses and more.