Al' Rashid

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Al'Rashid is a character from Mace: The Dark Age.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Born and raised to be an assassin from his very birth, Al'Rashid is the son of Khalid: The King of Assassins. Al'Rashid was taught in the ways of using the Scimitar and knows all kinds of dangerous poisons. At the age of 18, Al'Rashid had to prove that he was worthy to be in the league of assassins by murdering the Potentate of Damascus, he does this by murdering not just the Potentate but his advisors and 14 of their personal guards without waking the dogs. For his success, his father: Khalid presented to him magical scimitars (said to have been forged with the magic of the desert wind) which gives it's wielder the ability of speed reflexes and to harness the winds of the desert. Now, Al' Rashid has been given an objective by the Sultan of Shiraq to obtain the Mace of Tanis from Asmodeous, and he is promised a reward if he is successful.

Good Ending[edit | edit source]

After Al'Rashid defeated Asmodeous and claimed the Mace, he realizes that being the world's most deadliest assassin wasn't just his only life goal, but to rule over his own kingdom. He returns to his father Khaild and challenges him for the title of "King of Assassins", Al'Rashid was successful and killed his father. He also would challenge the Sultan of Shiraq due to his position of being the "Covenant of Seven", killing him and usurping the throne for himself. Though, Al'Rashid would become the next Sultan of Shiraq, but he would be hated for his despotic rule and must escape many attempts of his life. He would also discover that Namira is the lost Princess: Tulwara and uses the power of the Mace to make her his personal Concubine slave.

Bad Ending[edit | edit source]

Upon his failiure to obtain the Mace from Asmodeous, he loses his magical Scimitars. He returns to his father Khalid, who decrees to Al'Rashid to do whatever he can to reclaim his lost weapons in order to be accepted back in the league of Assassins. Instead, Al'Rashid tried to kill his father and claim the title "King of Assassins", unfortunately he would fail. For his actions, Khalid would banish Al'Rashid to the tallest tower of the family's castle where he would spend the rest of his life honing his skills.