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Alex Kidd in Miracle World

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Continue[edit | edit source]

If you lose all your lives, but have at least $400, you can continue. On the game over screen, hold up on the D-Pad and rapidly press Button 2 eight times. Using a continue costs $400.

Janken matches[edit | edit source]

Note: This order may vary if Alex loses a match or gets a draw, so make sure to win all matches.

  • 1st: Rock, Scissors
  • 2nd: Scissors, Paper
  • 3rd: Rock, Scissors
  • 4th: Paper, Paper
  • 5th: Rock, Rock
  • 6th: Rock, Scissors
  • 7th: Paper, Paper

Question mark blocks[edit | edit source]

All blocks with a question mark contain items that appear in the same order: Power Bracelet, a ghost, and an extra life. The start of the order varies between stage, so before breaking one, make sure to have an escape course in case a ghost appears.

On the first level, the first question block broken will grant the Power Bracelet, in the second a ghost will come out after Alex (so run from it) and the next will be an extra life.

Secret passage[edit | edit source]

In the third stage, defeat the first octopus and press down while above its pot to enter a secret passage.

Final stage[edit | edit source]

The secret code shown in the Hirotta Stone is: Sun, wave, moon, star, sun, moon, wave, fish, star, fish.