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Alfred Chicken

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Stage 1[edit | edit source]

To complete this map, collect all balloons until you reach the one in the top-left corner.

To get there, you need to head upward and enter the door, press the switch to activate the star platforms, return at the top-right of the map, and reach the top.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

Head to the first door, which is above.

In this room, jump up to search for the invisible spring on the map. Spring yourself up onto the upper platforms. You can take door A to advance faster for the map, or take door C for a bonus.

Pick up the item for a left for an orb-attack. Head to the right, if you want, you can collect the item crying for help for an extra life. Activate the star switch and exit through the door.

Head up to the next door.

In this room, raise the star switch by standing on it and pressing up. Swim down below and come up the otherside and exit.

Reach the top and collect the last balloon.

Stage 2 boss[edit | edit source]

Six enemies will arrive from the bottom before self-destructing into shooting bullets horizontally; move up or down to dodge. Shortly thereafter, a large green enemy will arrive and taunt you.

This enemy will move up and down the screen, and try to move towards you to the left or right. To defeat it, head to the left and shoot it when it's on the same level as you. Fly under or above it as soon as it changed it's up/down direction.

When the enemy is low on health, it will bob up and down faster. However, it will only travel left or right at the same speed.

Getting killed by the boss restores it to full health.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

Head to the spring on the right, jump up and collect the balloon. Return to the balloon you bypassed and take it, and go through the door above you.

Jump up into the gap covered by the wooden beam and screw, and head down the left area, grabbing the balloon. Climb back up on the right until you reach the top. Jump, and smash your way down the bricks.

You should now appear at the top, perched on a screw. Charge downward, collecting the acorns as they appear on the map. Get the balloon and head through the doorway.

Continue to the right. The first set of floor traps will only rise upward when you are above them. Go to the right via the top path, and head slightly back to activate the circle switch. Continue to the right; these floor traps will self-destruct, shooting two bullets when they reach your level; jump to avoid them. Collect the balloon, and activate the star switch while deactivating the circle switch.

Head to the top left to enter the final section. If you didn't disable the circle switch or enable the star switch, you will have to redo the previous section.

In the final section, head downward to collect the last balloon. You will need to work your way through the patrolling snails, but the path is not otherwise difficult.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

In the final section, you can reach the 1up by jumping up and walking over the top of the map. Otherwise, head downward to collect the last balloon.

The watering can is located at the top of the vertical area. To reach it, bypass the balloon at the bottom and return later once you took all other balloons. You have a final chance to collect acorns on the way up before collecting the watering can on the left.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

Main room[edit | edit source]

In the first room, you will simply climb to the top, collecting the balloons along the way. There are three exits in this area, leading to the three sub rooms.

To reach the first room, jump to the doorway. You will now have to activate the crescent switch to proceed.

To reach the second room, jump up until you reach the spring. Use the sprint to break through the ice blocks, and head to the left. Dive down to break the ice blocks and go through the door. You will now need to deactivate the crescent switches to continue, and activate the diamond switch.

To reach the third room, jump onto the lift that moves up and down and head right. Climb up the right-hand side of the room, and go through the door. You will need to activate the crescent and star switches.

After activating the star switch, you can collect the final balloon at the top.

Remote mine[edit | edit source]

This is your introduction to the guided mine. It is in the bottom-right corner, and is controlled by boxes which appear to contain a square.

Peck these boxes to move the mine about. Pecking it when facing right turns the arrow clockwise, while facing left turns it counter-clockwise. Guide the mine into the scary-looking blocks to destroy them, them jump on the crescent switch to exit the level.

There is a stop-watch in the top-right corner. It reduces the amount of time spent on the level.

Libary[edit | edit source]

This is the level's library, containing many books to stand on. You first need to head to the top-right corner, first travelling by the green platform. To reach the top, you need to jump onto the blue moving platforms. Even though they look dangerous, they do not injure Alfred.

At the top, get the balloon and flip the crescent switch.

Next, head to the bottom-left by the green platforms, then head right. You will need perform the second guided mine maze to activate the diamond switch. Move the guided mine to destroy the right-most block; the mine will fall and flip the switch.

If you mess up the puzzle, you can enter the door to reset it.

Corridor[edit | edit source]

Jump to the right, riding the platform and avoiding the mine.

As you proceed, you will see a new toy: The magnetic mine. To activate it, peck the face blocks to wake up the mine and have it follow you. Peck the face blocks again to turn it off.

Using the magnetic mine, deactivate the diamond switch, and banana switch. Activate the mine, and head to the right. Once you are near the exit, peck the face block to deactivate the mine and activate the crescent switch (allowing you to leave the area.)

If you want to collect the watering can, then deactivate the diamond switch and activate the banana switch. Lead left to the ice blocks and destroy them to uncover a secret floor; it is located below the second ice column on the left.

Once you are down in the secret area, head to the right and jump over the mines - timing is crucial.

At the last platform, you can walk off the edge of the platform to land on an invisible spring. This allows a very easy jump over the final mine, and access to the room containing the watering can.

Star switch[edit | edit source]

The final room contains a star switch far above, but you cannot access it yourself.

Use the face block to activate the magnetic mine. It can be done at the bottom for speed or at the top for safety. Once you reach the top of the room, jump onto the face blocks on the right. Guide the magnetic mine just below the face blocks and above the star switch past the spikes. Deactivate the magnetic mine and head to the exit.

The star switch allows access to the final balloon in the main room.

Stage 4 boss[edit | edit source]

The Stage 4 boss behaves identically to the boss in Stage 2. However, it will also have an orbiting mine.

The same tactics apply to defeating the boss. Attack when possible, and fly either over or under it.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

This final stage is shorter than the previous ones, having only three rooms.

First room[edit | edit source]

The first room is straight forward.

Fighting the snails in the upper section is dangerous due to the spikes. While there is a small gap you can use, it may be safest to have them pass by first.

When you get to the lower section, you may find it easier to follow the ground to reach the star button.

To exit the area, press the button, and head for the exit above.

You have the option to collect diamonds in the top-left corner; to reach them, the star switch needs to be deactivated.

Second room[edit | edit source]

The exit is to the right of the watery map.

To take out the robotic whales, you need to pickup the can to destroy them.

The barrier is lowered by the star switch.

When you see the face block to activate the magnetic mine, you may find it easier to ignore it and slip past the mine without taking damage. If you need to activate it, you will have to lure it out of the right-most area to proceed.

Monster Generator[edit | edit source]

The monster generator will constantly spawn snails. You first need to jump up on the right by pressing against the wall, and landing when there is no nearby snail.

Carefully jump over the generator to collect the last balloon. When you collect it, steer to the right to collect bonus items.

Final boss[edit | edit source]

The final boss will attack yet again. However, it changes it's pattern this time around. Dying during the boss fight will require you to start the battle from the beginning.

A question mark will randomly appear somewhere randomly on the screen. The enemy will then fly directly towards the question mark. The enemy speeds up as it takes damage, but it otherwise poses limited surprise threat if you keep sufficient distance.

When it runs out of health, it will split in two. The major threat is the mine bouncing around the screen; while it flies in a predictable pattern, it can kill if you are reckless or not paying attention,.

To destroy the second phase, shoot the green sphere. It loses one unit from the health bar on a damaging hit, but it will retaliate by shooting bullets in four directions. On the final hit, it will be destroyed, and you will proceed to the bonus screen.

During the bonus screen, hold down jump to maximize bonus collection. You can then head to the ending screen. If you collected all four watering cans, you can watch the alternate ending with a "To Be Continued" message.