Alliance: The Silent War

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Alliance: The Silent War
Basic Information
Video Game
Windward Mark Interactive
Windward Mark Interactive
First-person Shooter
Microsoft Windows
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Alliance: The Silent War is an upcoming first-person shooter game in development by Windward Mark Interactive. In 2007, the game was put on hiatus. In 2011, the game was announced on its official forum to be back in development, announcing that the initial reboot of the game was to be multiplayer only, with the single-player campaign being added at a later date. [1]

News since this point has been erratic. A private Alpha test was launched in 2012 with repeated reassurance that the game was still indeed in active development. In 2015, the developers yet again assured the game's community that it had not been cancelled, stating that an update would follow in the next few days. [2] This update was an announcement of the mobile game Alliance: Air War, which was released on the App Store on Christmas 2015, to a good reception. [3] Developers have stated that this does not affect The Silent War, and is intended as a side project to fund development. Nothing has been heard from the developers since and the game's current fate is unknown.

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