Alliance First Fleet

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Alliance First Fleet
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

The First Fleet was stationed near the Charon relay when the Reapers invaded the Sol system. By the time Admiral Hackett issued the order to retreat, its size--once the largest in the Alliance navy--had been cut by half. Commanding Admiral Ines Lindholm made the painful decision to use a tenth of the fleet's remaining vessels as cover so the remainder could escape. Her gamble paid off, as the First Fleet limped out of the relay to rally with the rest of the Alliance forces on the run.

If the player has discovered the Alliance Frigate Agincourt, the following text is added.


The SSV Agincourt was one of many Alliance ships that saved the colony world Elysium from pirates and slavers during the Skyllian Blitz in 2167. In order to stay with his vessel and crew, its captain refused promotion after the Blitz.

The following text is added if you chose to save the Citadel Council in Mass Effect.


The fleet lost a third of its vessels protecting the Council during the Battle of the Citadel two years ago. Unfortunately, the Alliance did not have time to rebuild the fleet to its previous strength before the Reapers invaded.

The following text is added if you discover the Alliance Frigate Leipzig.


The SSV Leipzig was the first Alliance frigate to field-test the Thanix cannon, a compact version of a Reaper weapon developed after the Battle of the Citadel. The Leipzig's captain was so pleased with the results, she gave her unconditional recommendation that the Alliance begin mass-producing the cannon as soon as possible.

The following text is added if the player discovers a particular piece of research.


Improved treatments for chemical burns are being implemented by Alliance doctors and medics.