Alliance Third Fleet

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Alliance Third Fleet
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

Stationed at Arcturus, the Third Fleet is headed by Admiral Nitesh Singh. When the Reapers came for the station, Singh had already pulled his command ship, the SSV Logan, back to an ideal firing position for its mass accelerator cannons. The dreadnought's guns managed to slow down a destroyer before it could demolish the third Fleet, but Singh was forced to retreat in the face of overwhelming opposition from the Reapers.

If the player discovers the Alliance Cruiser Nairobi War Asset.


The SSV Nairobi is a top-of-the-line cruiser, with the showroom finish of a ship just off the factory line. As it has never seen earfare, the Nairobi's officer have been running mock battles in preparation for real enemy contact.

The following text is added if you chose to save the Citadel Council in Mass Effect.

The fleet lost a third of its vessels protecting the Council during the Battle of the Citadel two years ago. Unfortunately, the Alliance did not have time to rebuild the fleet to its previous strength before the Reapers invaded.

If the player discovers the Alliance Frigate Trafalgar War Asset.


The Trafalgar was in the middle of an engine overhaul when a Cerberus flotilla engaged it in a firefight. Barely escaping on auxiliary power, its crew later finished upgrading the ship in record time after meeting Alliance forces.