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Basic Information
Location Information
0.98 Earth Atmospheres
4,404 km

Altahe is an exceptional form of planet called a Roche World. Out simply, it is one half of a pair of small and unusually dense terrestrial worlds. (Altahe and Ontahe) that orbit each other so closely, they effectively share a single atmosphere. This is does not mean that one could fly from one to the other, but both have identical atmospheres, and dust from one can be found on the other.

Both worlds share an atmosphere of nitrogen and ethane. The surface is warm, and mainly composed of silica dust and dark basaltic rocks, with extensive deposits of heavy metals and radioactives. Tidal effects from Ontahe create constant heavy wind.

Note: The Mako can land here. There are deposits of samarium and gold here. One of Matriarch Dillinaga's writings can be salvaged here. There is a Rachni colony here. There is a listening post here for UNC: Listening Post Theta.