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Basic Information
Video Game
Nimby Games
Nimby Games
Action, Free-to-Play, Indie
Digital Download
Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux
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Retail Features
Gameplay-Single-player.pngGameplay-Multi-player.pngGameplay-Cross-Platform-Multi-player.pngGameplay-Steam-Achievements.pngPartial Controller Support (Steam)Gameplay-Stats.pngGameplay-Includes-level-editor.png
Retail Localization Information
Interface Language(s)
Steam Minimum Specifications
Operating System(s)
Microsoft Windows Windows XP
macOS Mac OS X 10.5.8
1.0 GHz
256 MB
Graphics RAM
64 MB
HDD Space
300 MB
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux
May 12009

SteamWindows.png Steam for Windows, SteamLinux.png Steam for GNU/Linux and SteamOSX.png Steam for macOS
December 42009
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Altitude is a multi-player 2-D aerial combat game developed by independent software developers Erik Measure and Karl Sabo.[1] The game was released on May 1, 2009 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It became available on Steam on December 4, 2009.[2]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players control one of five customizable aircraft and battle in teams across 2D landscapes. As a player gains experience in battle they unlock new planes and customizations called perks.[3] The game has been described by the press as a cross between Teeworlds, Team Fortress 2 and an RPG.[4][5]

Altitude is primarily an online game with some offline skirmish options and bot support.[6] There are several modes, and plane customizations.[7]

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Free For All[edit | edit source]

The players compete in a timed Deathmatch, competing for the highest number of kills.

Team Deathmatch[edit | edit source]

The players are divided into two teams, competing for the highest kill total in a specified amount of time.

Team Base Destruction[edit | edit source]

In Team Base Destruction or TBD, the objective is to use a special bomb to destroy the opposing team's base while defending your own. Each base is surrounded by a number of destructible turrets and players always spawn near their own base. Bombs spawn either at each base and are only able to be picked up by their respective teams, or the bombs spawn in the middle of the map and can be picked up by either team.

Ball[edit | edit source]

Ball mode utilizes a single persistent ball and a goal for each team. Every time a goal is scored all planes are reset and the ball is given to the team that just conceded the goal. At the beginning of the match the ball is placed in the middle of the map. The winning team is the team that reaches 6 goals first.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Altitude received favourable reviews at Metacritic, where it scored 78% on average (over a small sample of five reviews, however).

PC Zone magazine in the UK commented that it is "a great little indie game, it's cheap and you really should play it."

IT Reviews called it "the perfect lunch break filler, with its fast paced action and quick turnaround matches."[8]

AceGamez said that "Altitude's simple premise hides behind a deceptively difficult game, but one that's easily learned and enjoyable to engage in." The site added "more might have been better, but what is here does last, just so long as it's taken in the right doses."[9]

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