Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

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Angels Fall First: Planetstorm
Basic Information
Video Game
Strangely Interactive
Strangely Interactive
First-person Shooter, Space Shooter
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Technical Information
Unreal Engine 3
UDK / Apr 29th, 2010 RC8,[1] RC8 / December 13, 2009[2]
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
December 132009
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Angels Fall First: Planetstorm is an online multiplayer total conversion mod of Epic Games' first-person shooter Unreal Tournament 3. It combines traditional squad-based first-person shooters and space combat genres, particularly on the ability to pilot the capital ships which also serve as infantry combat settings themselves.[3]

It has been in development from as early as 2007 by the Angels Fall First team as planned for submission to the Make Something Unreal Contest hosted by Epic Games. Currently all development using the Unreal Engine 3 has ceased as the team plans to change engines with the recently released Unreal Development Kit, which would make the game itself standalone.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Angels Fall First: Planetstorm is set in a science fiction universe during the period known as the Second Antarean War. An outbreak of hostilities between the previously subdued and forcefully integrated Antarean Empire and the alliance of several stellar states known as the United League of Planets.

The war itself was inevitably caused by a variety of reasons. The gradual decay of the League (which was itself only created out of necessity during the First Antarean War), the upsurge of nationalism among the Antareans, and the reestablishment of old alliances by the rebel Antarean factions. But it was primarily caused by the event known as the Crowning Day Massacre, in which a naval blunder by the United League of Planets caused the death of thousands of civilians during an Antarean holiday, including that of a well-loved public Antarean figure.[4] In the resulting chaos, the long lost heir to the Antarean throne reappeared, solidifying the Antarean revolt as well as throwing the regions into a full scale war.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Planetstorm is an objective based assault-style game played in two theaters, in space, and on the ground. In space you can engage fleets of massive warships, controlling vehicles in first person from ship interiors or launching fighters to engage in dogfights. Planet-side you must fight either as attacker or defender, using an array of vehicles and weapons to overcome the enemy.

Land settings utilize familiar first-person shooter gameplay mechanics in addition to a variety of available vehicles, both atmospheric and terrestrial.

Space settings add another aspect to the gameplay, namely that of space combat. Players can pilot capital ships from the bridge, which can in turn serve as settings for infantry combat by boarding maneuvers. They can also board smaller fighters and launch themselves to engage in dogfights in space.

Gameplay is geared towards online multiplayer but has support for offline single player as well using bots.[5]

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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