Animal Crossing: Wild World/Walkthrough

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Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Controls[edit | edit source]

With the buttons you can:

A: Action button

B: Run

X: Open Map

Y: Open Inventory

Start: End game, Save

Select: Open Chat window

D-pad: Walk

With the stylus you can:

Tap on character: Action

Keep the stylus on screen/Drag: Move

Tap on Others/Things: Talk, Pick up

Obtaining Foreign Fruit[edit | edit source]

If you can’t get to another town or one of your friends doesn’t have different fruit, you can still grow all varieties of fruit in Animal Crossing Wild World. Simply send one of your local fruit to one of the animals in your village as a present and they will reply sending you a different fruit. Once you get the fruit, chop down an non-fruit tree in your village and bury the fruit on the same spot. This will ensure that you get a tree on your first attempt.

Earning some money (bells)[edit | edit source]

If you feel that you can't get any money then just get a shovel and dig anywhere that you see some cracked dirt. Make sure you have a fossil. Then take it Blathers and chose check a fossil than you won't have to give it to him. Next sell all the fossils to Tom Nook. But if you dig up a gyroid then put it in your house for loads of points from the HRA. When you are done with them sell them to Nook but if you like them to much to sell them then keep them.

You know there are fruit trees in your town? Well they can mean this $$$ all the time! Just shake your trees and pick up the fruit. If you want to you can eat it but that will mean no more $$$!