Anonymous Letter 2 (NWN)

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Anonymous Letter
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Neverwinter Nights

In place of a signature, this letter bears the mark of a stylized, reptilian eye. It strikes you as somehow familiar, as if you've seen it before, perhaps in a different context. You examine the text closer...

"Read this letter well. Commit its words to heart, for I am your Master and there are those that would seek to thwart us, the People of the Eye.

"Lady Aribeth has promoted some adventurers into the militia, and sent them out to seek the creatures of the cure. They have already been successful once and they must not be so again. You must stalk them from every shadow, persue them at every turn. Those creatures are to be set loose and hidden wherever they are out of reach.

"Do not fail me in this. Remember, I hold the power to grant you life in this place of death. Your lives are mine to deny.

"Long live the People of the Eye..."

This note should be shown to someone in authority.