Anonymous Letter 3 (NWN)

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Anonymous Letter
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Neverwinter Nights

In place of a signature, this letter bears the mark of a stylized, reptilian eye. Other than this marking, there is nothing to indicate who the author may be:

"Out agent within Neverwinter has informed us that several of the Waterdhavian Creatures have been delivered to Aribeth and are now stored in the safety of Castle Never. If all of the creatures are recovered a cure for the Wailing Death will be discovered, and our efforts will be for naught.

"It will not be possible for our agent to orchestrate an attack upon Castle Never, as was done with the Academy. Those who serve Lady Aribeth must be stopped before they deliver the creatures to the safety of the castle, at any cost.

"Should you succeed in this your rewards will surpass your grandest imaginings. Should you fail, you will feel pain and suffering such as no mortal was meant to bear. "Long live the People of the Eye."

This note should be shown to someone in authority.