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The Anthro is a bipedal monster from the game Phantom Dust. You can play as the Anthro in Multiplayer mode by holding down the L+R buttons and choosing Edgar.

This is the Memory Box explaining about the Anthro: Our troop groups types such as the Anthro as Humanoid types. Being called Humanoids, they possess many different Attack as well as Defense skills. In addition, they are effective in close-proximity battles and use many different battle styles. That's why you need to use extreme caution when they approach you during battle.The Anthro does not have a distinctive or strong battle style, but it does have the quality of using high-risk, high-reward, and self-sacrificing attacks. This is not to say it is weak; rather, it lacks intelligence and concentrates only what is happening directly in front of it. The Anthro has the ability to tumble or roll forward.