Aralakh Company

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Aralakh Company
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

Ancient Tuchankan legends claim that the Aralak Wastes, named after the system's star, are where the first warrior died in battle. Aralakh Company is made up of krogan from all over Tuchanka, each chosen for their strength, ferocity, and fighting experience. No krogan community would dream of sending anything less than its finest warriors to represent their clan. The honor of who's to be chosen for the company has started more than one brawl.

The following entries depend on choices made both in Mass Effect 2, and on Utuuku in Mass Effect 3.


Aralakh Company is led by Grunt, a genetically engineered "perfect soldier" who fought the Collectors with Commander Shepard. While young, the krogan has survived such brutal battles that the older warriors of the ground have begrudgingly accepted his command.


Gruny was appointed representative of Clan Urdnot in addition to becoming head of Aralakh Company, a political appointment not lost on the other clans. Grunt sees this new position as his first large victory he has won on his own--the respect of his people is difficult to come by.


Wave after wave of rachni overwhelmed the Aralakh Company on Utukku. While fighting an impressive enemy to the death is considered an honorable end for a krogan, Aralakh Company has effectively been wiped out.