Arena Football '95

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Arena Football '95
Basic Information
Video Game
V-Real Interactive
Atari, Jaguar Sector II, B&C ComputerVisions
American Football
Atari Jaguar
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Atari Jaguar
July 152006[1]
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Arena Football '95 is a cancelled Atari Jaguar video game developed by V-Real Interactive. It was originally scheduled to be released sometime in 1995 but the project was halted as support for the Atari Jaguar console waned. The game would have been the first officially licensed indoor football game.[2]

Prototype release[edit | edit source]

Arena Football '95 eventually saw the light of day after Hasbro dropped the licensing fees for the Atari Jaguar on May 14, 1999.[3] Independent publishers could now release original content and prototypes bearing the Atari Jaguar brand name. On July 15, 2006, Jaguar Sector II released 35 copies of Arena Football '95 including box and manual for $50 apiece. They later ran off ten more copies for a total of 45.[4] Soon after, B&C ComputerVisions published the game as a cartridge-only release.

The unfinished game consists of the ability to jump right into an exhibition or manually set up an exhibition match. All the teams from the 1995 Arena League football season are included. The Miami Hooters, who weren't included in EA's Arena Football video games, make their only video game appearance in this title. The gameplay is very prone to glitches.

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