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Arris FernGevie Victoriano
Basic Information
Vindictive Drive
Biographical Information
New Noir City
Genevieve Fern
Charles Mourne
New Noir City
Featured in...
Vindictive Drive

Arris Fern is the main protagonist of Vindictive Drive, she's a 22 years old hacker responsible for the terrorist attacks in New Noir City and the Coup d'état against her father, the president Charles Mourne, and as consequence, the activation of the Biokernel and Eureka.

Background[edit | edit source]

In Vindictive Drive, Arris plots a cold blooded revenge against her father, responsible for her mother's death 12 years ago.

After killing Genevieve, Charles Mourne shoots Arris, leaving her mortally wounded, in unseen circumstances, Arris manages to survive and starts living as a homeless kid until her late teen years.

As part of her plan, she manipulates all the people who were responsible or at least somehow involved in the events that ended with the death of her mother, Genevieve Fern; getting some of them killed, slowly cornering Charles Mourne.

Arris uses her influences to make Mourne lose political, economical and military power by taking over Freija, attacking the Senate and gaining control over the Galick Key.

Arris plan was to kill everyone, including herself with a barrage of missiles after manipulating the Biokernel.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Because of her traumatic experiences as a kid and hardships on the streets, Arris develops a sour, hostile and often vulgar behavior, making sarcastic remarks out of everyone around her, even those who are nice.

Arris' memories about her childhood friend, Emma Fields and her mother keep the little humanity she had left safe, which allowed her to survive her suicidal tendencies and circumstances.

The only person who tries to understand Arris is Luna Herz, who manages to get through her sour attitude, help her value her life and repent for her actions.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Luna Herz:

Arris' best friend, the unknown circumstantial heroine.

Genevieve Fern:

Arris' deceased mother.

Liz Barrett:

Temporarily, Arris' fiercest obstacle, later an ally.

Hex Reader:

Arris' weapon/tools dealer.


Temporary enemy and ally, Arris repeating her mothers' words to Eureka helped her to seek freedom.


Strategical ally, although they hate eachother, America father was part of the project that produced the Tryonate drug, reason of Charles' violent behavior.


Strategical ally, he tries to manipulate her feelings but Arris can see through his words easily with more resignation than surprise.

Gustav Arren:

As Deputy Chief of the NCPD, he's an annoying obstacle to her.

Alicia Fields:

Strategical ally and friend, Alicia feels responsible for Arris' situation and always tries to help her.

Emma Fields:

Arris' lost childhood friend.

Charles Mourne:

Arris' father and enemy.

Amy Mourne:

Charles' new wife, enemy.

Eris Mourne:

Arris' step sister, neutral.

Frankie and Rektman:

Strategical allies.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Surleivance and tactic tools:

Arris makes use of a wide range of tools, from drones to distraction and stealth machines.

Master tactician:

Even though Arris' unstable emotions can change this, she is often a good strategist, manipulating forces and turning them to her side, slowly and relatively safely cornering Mourne's forces.

Arsenal[edit | edit source]

As consequence of her actions, Arris gathers contacts and gains access to a wide amount of resources for her plan.

Helper Robots:[edit | edit source]

Arris makes use of two robots that help her in the game, designed by Hex Reader in her underground laboratory.

Ophelia is a stealth and evasive tactics machine, it can deactivate all kinds of alarms, even aggro ones generated by noise, it can deploy an all purpose shield to defend Arris, the upgraded version can self repair and has almost unlimited battery.

Amaranth is a purely offensive and noisy robot, wielding two heavy machine guns, very high damage per second and a somewhat durable armor. The upgraded version wields four heavy machine guns, with insane rates of fire capable of ripping giant mechas to shreds in seconds.

Semi-Autonomous units:[edit | edit source]

After gaining control over Freija and the Galick Key, Arris manages to control some of the enemy units.

  • Galick 00:

A heavily armored robot equipped with a Gatling Gun and a powerful grenade launcher. The first of the Galick Series.

  • Battle Frames Type 1 and 2:

Second tier robots of the Galick Series, with lower performance than the Galick 00 to allow mass production, equiped with explosives and heavy machine guns.

  • Knightframe:

Superior to the Battle Frames 1 and 2 but poorly armored, small and agile.

National Armory:[edit | edit source]

  • Missile silos:

When it becomes self aware, the Galick Key hijacks Charles' Mourne missile silos with the purpose of eliminating Arris, she exploits the situation to attempt and take everyone else with her.

Gallery[edit | edit source]