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Artificial Girl 3

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Technical difficulties[edit | edit source]

Message that comes up while installing[edit | edit source]

  1. It is either you need to run it in Japanese so install Japanese in the control panel or use Microsoft AppLocale
  2. While installing a message pops up. It is insert Disc Two!

Saving in Make mode[edit | edit source]

First edit your character then go back to the first tab. The save for the female character is on the first tab bottem right corner when editing a character below the box where you type the name. If you are confused see here

Japanese name in play[edit | edit source]

  1. Install the Japanese in the "Regional and language options" in Control panel so you can type Japanese
  2. Press ALT + SHIFT to switch to Japanese Input (If you have another language press it again).
  3. Then Press CTRL + CAPSLOCK to switch to Hiragana
  4. Type a Japanese name and press enter (You can now turn the Japanese off with ALT + Shift again remember you can't play if you didn't create a girl)

Controls[edit | edit source]

Esc: Displays Quit menu (left icon quits game, right icon resumes game)

F1: Options and configurations menu

1: Toggle man avatar on and off

2: Toggle man's penis on and off YAA!

3:Toggle clothes of man on and off

4: Hide environment static environment (turns all objects in a room black so player can see where the girl is)

5: Toggle Hand and Lip Icons

6: Toggle Camera Center reticle

7: Toggle display bar at the left corner of the female characters location and status

8: Toggle exclamation mark appearance above the man

Basic Controls[edit | edit source]

W: Move forward

S: Move backwards

A: Move left

D: Move right

Mouse Button 1 : Perform Certain Action (as per location of the mouse, i.e., over the lips kissing, to maintain keep mouse button 1 pressed) * if asked a question, mouse button 1. also represents "Yes" reply"

Mouse Button 2 : used to deline actions, and answer "No" to questions.

Mouse Wheel * : During Echhi *H mode, sex acts* using the mouse wheel well start the specificed action / increase the speed. (i.e., during missionary position, it will make your character speed up, its penetration)

Note WSAD also changes camera modes in H mode

Hold down shift: Walk

Left click: Interacts with environment when ! is displayed on mans head (i.e. It will open doors, lay the man on the bed, or make him sit on an static object) or makes man sit on the floor by default.

right click: makes the man call for any female characters in the room at default

  • if it is clicked while facing the left hand it will cause the player to hold her hand when pressed again he will let go of her hand
  • if it is clicked in front of the female character it will cause the player to hug the female character
    • If clicked again he will kiss the female character and if held down he will enter H mode (dependent on times player interacted with character)
  • if the female character is lying down the player can lay on top of her
    • the player can enter H mode while laying on top (dependent on times player interacted with character)

Camera[edit | edit source]

Mouse movement: Controls direction of camera while moving

Middle mouse button or Ctrl + right/left click or Home/ End: adjust camera center and zoom (mouse scroll adjusts zoom)

Space bar: Changes camera to player's face (first person mode)

Hold Ctrl: activates camera mode

F11/PrintScrn: takes a screen capture and stores it in in data/cap directory of the installation folder

.: Tilts screen spinning clockwise

\: Tilts screen spinning counterclockwise

/: resets camera

Num Pad buttons 2,4,6,8 rotates and 5 resets default

C: resets camera

V: Sets camera to face

B: Sets camera to chest

N: Sets camera to lower body

M: Switches camera perspective between the player and the females in the same room

]: Pans camera in

;: Pans camera out

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