Arwyl's Journal

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Arwyl's Journal
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Neverwinter Nights

This is the journal of Arwyl, leader of the snow globe dryads. The final entry is of particular interest:

The dwarves fell upon us yet again. Their savagery was terrifying, but at last I and my sisters managed to drive them off.

How many times was I slain in that battle, only to be reborn and slain yet again? Does it even matter anymore? War, death, rebirth - the cycle never ends.

In my dreams there are visions of a different world. I see dwarf and dryad working together, allied against a common and terrible foe in a bis to escape this pointless existence. And I remember the whisper of a powerful talisman, a tool to free both dryads and dwarves - the Amulet of Ages.

Is this a beautiful memory of a time long forgotten, or a promise of hope for the future? If we could only speak with the dwarves and make them understand...

But they are mad with bloodlust and attack us on sight. I fear this gruesome cycle with continue forever and this brutal existence will never end.