Asari Sixth Fleet

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Asari Sixth Fleet
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

The Sixth Fleet has more dreadnoughts than any other collection of ships in the Asari Navy. An almost superstitious dread has grown around its entrance into conflict, as any was with the fleet has never remained small. It was the Sixth Fleet that flew against the rachni in the beginning of the Rachni Wars, and it was the Sixth Fleet that liberated the first colony under siege in the Krogan Rebellions. Unfairly or not, its service people have a reputation for being sober, serious, and humorless. Nevertheless, the Sixth Fleet is a welcome sight for any ally when it arrives.

This text is unlocked if the player discovers the Library of Asha and delivers it.


The Library of Asha contains definitive works by asari on the arts of war. These texts have been distributed as standard training manuals to all asari recruits.