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Basic Information
Location Information
Atm. Pressure
1.2 Earth Atmospheres atm
5,900 km

Surface Temperature: 25 Celsius (habitable zone)

A habitable planet known for its arid, sulfurous deserts, Asteria is colonized near the poles to avoid the uncomfortable temperatures that can reach 65 degrees Celsius in more southern latitudes. While the seas contain primitive animal life, little of it can live on land, leaving the soul to hardy plants that can survive in the extreme heat. Asteria is home to thriving human and asari agrarian colonies, but little in the way of manufacturing or mining.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Carbon dioxide concentrations can reach 2,500 parts per million in Asteria's atmosphere. Citizens should carry supplemental oxygen for children and the elderly. Consult with local governments to discuss animal companion detection systems or other preparatory measures.

ALLIANCE BULLETIN: Geth have been encountered in the Hekate system. All civilian traffic is prohibited.

Note: This planet can be scanned for the Alliance Frigate Hong Kong War Asset, and an update to the Alliance Fifth Fleet War Asset.