Atari Super Pong Pro-Am

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Atari would release a new console look, while still ensuring that its consoles looked unique, professional in quality and style and eye catching to the consumer. The Atari Super Pong PRO-AM dedicated home console would also introduce a new feature to Atari Dedicated Home Consoles.... Difficulty. Players would quickly become so adept at playing PONG, that Atari would add a new twist to its game consoles. Now players could select from Professional or Amateur skill sets so beginners could have an easier and more enjoyable time playing, while more skilled players could select the harder skill level for a more challenging round of game play. Something else added to the consoles ability. The player could play against the console, so now video gamers didn't have to drag a friend out of their bed at 2am in the morning when they felt the urge for a few hours of addictive Pong gaming...