Atic Atac

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Atic Atac
Basic Information
Video Game
Maze, Adventure, Arcade
United Nations International Release Date(s)
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Atic Atac was a flip screen action adventure game developed for the ZX Spectrum by Ultimate Play the Game in Late 1983. It was later ported to the BBC Micro.

The game is set in a haunted castle and players have to explore the rooms on each of the 5 floors within the castle in search of a golden key. The trouble is, the key has been split up into 3 parts.

Each room is filled with suitably scary enemies such as witches, monks and flying pumpkins, all of which could be dealt with by shooting them - think robotron but far, far less frantic.

The game was revolutionary because it allowed players to choose different characters to play as; a wizard, a knight or a serf, each of which affect the route you take and the weapon you use.

At the time of its release it received a great deal of praise from the gaming press.

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