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Auron as he appears in the Final Fantasy series

Game Series Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series
First Appearance Final Fantasy X
Status: Dead (Unsent in FFX)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Bevelle
Voice Actor(s): Hideo Ishikawa (Japanese), Matt McKenzie (English)

Auron is a playable, fictional character in the Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix) role-playing game Final Fantasy X. He is known in the world of Spira as a "legendary guardian", known to have survived the process of defeating the creature named Sin.

His sword, though called a katana, actually appears to more closely resemble a nodachi or even the fictional zanbatō. Auron's attacks are heavily based on the "Samurai" job class from previous Final Fantasy games, particularly his ability to break through his opponents' defences. This is also seen as a Knight skill in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Auron's character design calls to mind the quintessential "wandering ronin"; he bears more than a passing resemblance to the "Sanjuro" character played by actor Toshiro Mifune in the film Yojimbo. Both allow one sleeve to dangle empty while concealing the arm inside their robe, a ronin characteristic referring to the loss of a master (the symbolic loss of the sword arm). Auron's red cloak resembles the Arabic Bisht which is worn by men upon suffering from a life's gain or loss such as a marriage or death of a friend. Aside from physical appearance, both Sanjuro and Auron are largely silent, often brusque when they deem it necessary to speak, and are frequently seen scratching their chins. Internet rumors claim designer Tetsuya Nomura used a figurine of Mifune as "inspiration" when drawing the character; however, he has not admitted to this in any interviews. It should also be noticed that Auron bears a strong resemblance to Guts from Berserk as well, sharing a large sword for a weapon, an injured right eye, even a similar hairstyle and an odd use of their left arm. However, like Sanjuro, Nomura has not confirmed nor denied their similarities. Auron is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa in the Japanese version, and his English voice actor is Matt McKenzie.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy X[edit | edit source]

As a young man of twenty-five years, Auron was a warrior monk of Bevelle, well-regarded by Yevon's upper echelons, and being groomed for a high-ranking position within the clergy. His personal convictions ultimately put a stop to any career ambitions he might have had when he refused to marry the daughter of a high priest. Auron fell quickly out of favor with the top brass, and the promotion instead went to his friend Wen Kinoc, who would eventually become a maester of Yevon.

Shortly afterward, Auron was enlisted by Braska to serve as a guardian on Braska's upcoming pilgrimage to fight Sin. It is likely the two men found common ground over being outcasts of Yevon, as Braska had already disgraced himself in the eyes of the church by marrying a "heathen" Al Bhed woman and having a half-Al Bhed child (Yuna). Auron further found himself drawn to Braska due to his noble character and honest intentions to vanquish Sin for the sake of Spira's people, developing a fierce devotion to Braska and his cause, consistently addressing him with honor, and defending him to any detractors.

Prior to departing for the pilgrimage, Auron and Braska payed a visit to a holding cell in Bevelle, where Jecht (Tidus' father) was being held, having heard that a man claiming to be from Zanarkand was interred within. The other monks appear to have dismissed Jecht's proclamations of hailing from Zanarkand as the ramblings of a drunkard, but Braska takes him seriously, telling Jecht that if he joins the pilgrimage, Braska should be able to find him a way home. Auron protests, declaring that a drunkard such as Jecht is unfit for guardianship, but Braska insists that the three of them defy the low expectations the Yevon church has of all of them, saying that it would be "delightful irony" if they should be the ones to defeat Sin. Auron relents, and the three set out on their journey to save the world.

Auron's role throughout the pilgrimage is that of a straightforward man, contrasting sharply with the patient Braska and the laid-back Jecht. His mind is always on his duty, insisting that the trip "is no pleasure cruise" when Jecht attempts to record a travelogue to one day show to his family, and he constantly reprimands Jecht for his reckless behavior, which often follows as a result of him being drunk. Over the course of the pilgrimage, however, Auron grows to trust Jecht in spite of his perceived flaws.

After finally arriving at the ruins of Zanarkand, the three men are debriefed by Lady Yunalesca, the ancient unsent summoner from whom all summoners must obtain the Final Aeon to defeat Sin. For the first time, however, they learn of the "catch" involved: one of the guardians must be sacrificed to produce the Final Aeon. Jecht volunteers, saying that he has accepted he will never be able to go home, but asks Auron to promise that he will find a way to his own Zanarkand so that he might look after Tidus in Jecht's stead. Auron agrees to this promise, and it becomes evident at this point that Auron now considers Jecht as much of a friend as Braska; Auron earlier made a similar promise to Braska: that he would take Yuna to Besaid once Sin had been banished.

Both Jecht and Braska are then sacrificed to defeat Sin, after which Auron learns the truth of Sin's nature: it is eternal, reborn from each Final Aeon, and no summoner can hope to banish it permanently. Thus, realizing Jecht and Braska to have died in vain, and that Jecht's soul has subsequently become trapped within Sin, Auron's youthful religious idealism — the very foundation upon which he has built his life — is shattered. Enraged, he takes up his blade against Yunalesca, who casually strikes him down, leaving him one-eyed and mortally wounded.

Clinging to life by little other than devotion to his lost comrades, Auron literally drags himself down Mount Gagazet to the Calm Lands, where he's discovered by Rin, who takes him to his travel agency for the evening. During the night, however, Auron leaves, despite his wounds, continuing his way to Bevelle. Just outside the capital city of the Church of Yevon, Auron's strength abandons him and he's discovered by a young Kimahri Ronso. He convinces Kimahri to fulfill his promise to Braska for him, by finding Yuna in Bevelle and taking her to Besaid. He then dies, beginning a new sort of "life" as an unsent. Because he is no longer a living human, but composed of pyreflies, he is able to ride Sin and travel to Jecht's Zanarkand.

From this day forward, Auron is filled with enmity for the Church of Yevon, and for himself, loathing the title of "legendary guardian" that the people have bestowed upon him. He is consumed with self-reproach for his self-perceived failure of Jecht and Braska, as he didn't stop them from sacrificing themselves, despite being unaware at the time of how needless their noble actions would prove. Auron spends the next decade keeping an eye on Tidus in Dream Zanarkand, though he does not directly raise Tidus after the death of his mother, watching over him from afar instead, serving as a mentor of sorts.

Eventually, Jecht exerts some measure of control from within Sin and approaches Dream Zanarkand, communicating to Auron that he wants Tidus taken to the Spiran mainland, so that — in that harsher land of uneasy choices — he may have a shot at understanding what life's really all about, as well as stand a chance at defeating Sin for good. Thus, Auron and Tidus make a journey — with Sin as their transportation — to the Spiran mainland, where they will serve as guardians to Braska's daughter, Yuna, on yet another pilgrimage. During this journey, Auron is the seasoned veteran of the group, albeit the one who knows far more than he reveals. He refrains from telling the others the truth about Yevon, knowing they will have to discover it for themselves. No longer an uptight monk, he takes a deeply cynical stance toward the religion and its figureheads. Auron also plays the role of a storyteller, offering Tidus relevant bits of information about his father, Spira, and Yuna's father at key points throughout the game, and it is through Auron that Tidus is finally able to come to terms with his hatred of his father before their reunion.

His experience and expertise is also something that is remarked upon by many followers of Yevon, and old friends alike. He is addressed with deference by virtually everyone in Spira as "Sir Auron," due to his status as the surviving guardian of a high summoner. Barthello, the guardian and lover of Yuna's rival, Dona, even tells Auron that he was his inspiration to become a guardian.

At the game's finale, Yuna sends her aeons and Yu Yevon, but Auron, standing nearby, is inadvertently caught in the ritual. She hesitates to continue, but the guardian tells her it's alright, having previously told Tidus that he planned to leave when things were settled, that he had "played at life for too long." He is sent to the Farplane to rest at last, his mission to free Spira from its cycle of lies and death complete, and his promises to his departed friends fulfilled.

Final Fantasy X-2[edit | edit source]

Auron makes three appearances in Final Fantasy X-2. His voice is heard during the final battle in the Farplane as along with Braska and Jecht, who give Yuna encouraging words and advice in the final battle against Shuyin and Vegnagun. The only visual appearances that Auron makes are during a brief flashback in Chapter 5 when Maechen's memories flare outside Zanarkand and a short scene with Gippal in the key item Gippal's Sphere, which is set during the events of Final Fantasy X.

In an old recording viewed via a sphere, filmed in the Bikanel Desert. Gippal, an Al Bhed, is conversing with Auron, who has become separated from Yuna's group in the desert but hardly seems lost. Gippal asks the guardian not to stir up Yevon, to which Auron replies, "Then I apologize in advance." When Gippal sees that Auron intends to fight Yevon, he admits that he has tired of their oppression and had considered fighting too, but, "I'd probably look like a jackass if I even suggested it." To which Auron replies, "Only a jackass can change the world," then stalks off.

The international edition provides the option to use Auron in battle.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit | edit source]

Auron makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II. He serves as the world ally for the Olympus Coliseum. Matt McKenzie reprises his role as Auron in the game.

In the game, Hades resurrects the deceased warrior Auron to fight Hercules for him. However, Auron refuses to obey, saying, "This is my story, and you're not part of it." He then aids Sora in fighting off Hades and Cerberus as they escape back to the surface. He disappears after finding the way to the stairway to the Colosseum, and his activities until he meets Sora again are unknown. Sora showed great admiration for him and wondered if he was a legendary hero.

When Sora returns, Hades uses his powers to take away Auron's free will and encases it in a doll, forcing him to fight Hercules in the Underdrome. However, Sora manages to free Auron from the god's spell by destroying the doll that held his memories. During this scene, some of the quotes Auron made shortly before he died in Final Fantasy X are displayed and spoken on the screen. This may indicate that, unlike most of the other Final Fantasy characters featured in Kingdom Hearts, he is the same Auron that appeared in Final Fantasy X. They then work together with Hercules in the battle against Hades, leading to the villain's eventual defeat.

At the end of the game, Auron witnesses the rebuilding of Hercules' coliseum before he returns to the underworld, turning into pyreflies.

Auron refers to himself as a guardian (he even asks Sora if he needs one) and the Keyblade that he gives Sora is the "Guardian Soul", which has a slight resemblance to Auron's swords in Final Fantasy X (the key chain attached is a nog bottle).

Auron's appearance remains relatively faithful to the original, save the fact that he does not wear his sunglasses or his gauntlet on his right arm, is clean-shaven and is missing his jug of nog. His jacket also has a lower brim which allows Auron's mouth to be seen. His feet (or, perhaps, simply just his shoes) are also much larger to fit with the Disney style. This attire strongly resembles Auron in his Final Fantasy X memories, when he was a guardian of Braska with Jecht.

Itadaki Street Special[edit | edit source]

A chibified version of Auron appears in Itadaki Street Special with Tidus and Yuna as playable Final Fantasy X characters.