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Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
Mogilev (2002)
Computer software
Casual games
Key People
Oleg Rogovenko, CEO

Awem Studio is a casual games developer based in Mogilev, Belarus. Awem studio games are distributed by key game portals such as RealArcade and Bigfish games.Besides on-line distribution, games are available on CD in the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland.

Puzzle games[edit | edit source]

Cradle Of Rome (2007) is a match-3 puzzle game. The player needs to link three or more similar tiles by clicking on the first piece and dragging the cursor over the adjacent ones. Certain types of matches bring resources that may be spent on erecting various structures, each gives the player an advantage for the upcoming challenges. Cradle of Rome was nominated for "People's Choice Award for Best Puzzle Game of 2007" in the Zeeby Awards, 2007[1] and was one of the top 20 games during the three years (2007-2009) according to CasualСharts statistics.[2] A sequel is currently in development.[3]

Cradle Of Persia (2007) is a similar puzzle game set in Ancient Persia. Prior to its release it won the "Best Production Values" award in the CGA Europe East awards, 2007.[4]

Shoot 'em ups[edit | edit source]

Alien Stars (2005) is a shoot 'em up which received a Silver Award from Game Tunnel. It was compared to Crimsonland, with fun and simple gameplay, but the lack of content was criticized.[5]

Star Defender is a series of four side-scrolling arcade-style shoot 'em ups. Gamezebo rated both Star Defender 3 (2007) and Star Defender 4 (2008) 3 out of 5. Star Defender 3 was described as a spiritual successor to Galaga with an appeal to retro gamers. It was otherwise felt to be "merely average" amongst more addictive titles in the casual genre.[6] Star Defender 4 was praised for its variety of enemies and power-ups but criticized for some game balance issues and overall difficulty.[7]

Hidden object games[edit | edit source]

Romance Of Rome (2009) is a hidden object game set in the Roman Empire with a romantic storyline. Venessa Carter of Gamezebo awarded Rome 4 out of 5 stars, highlighting the hand-drawn artwork and the difficulty level of the hidden-object sequences. Some objects are semi-transparent or hidden behind other objects, for which Carter commented "It's actually a rather exhilarating challenge for a hidden object pro, but could be quite daunting for someone looking for a more relaxing game. "[8]

Golden Trails: The New Western Rush (2010) is a hidden object game with a wild-west theme. Venessa Carter of Gamezebo awarded Golden Trails: The New Western Rush 3.5 out of 5 stars, praising the addition of a badge-hunting objective to the usual item-searching gameplay. However, Carter criticized the nonsensical storyline, haphazard "sherrif investigation" sections and terrible voice acting.[9]

Other games[edit | edit source]

  • Aquitania
  • Bombardix
  • Cosmo Lines
  • Dream Big: Reverie Manor
  • Pacboy

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