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For the doll line, see Bratz Babyz.
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Ubisoft Entertainment]][[Category:Ubisoft Entertainment]]
[[The Learning Company]][[Category:The Learning Company]]
CD (1)
Microsoft Windows
Main Credits
[[Andrew Stern]]
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Babyz is a computer game in which one can play with and take care of a group of babies who live in a virtual house on the computer. The game was released in 1999 by The Learning Company, developed by members of PF Magic working there at the time.

Babyz was built on top of the Petz 3 game engine, adding additional AI and voice recognition. For example, players can teach their Babyz baby talk, how to play with objects, and how to walk.

Babyz reused some of the Petz toyz and had a similar home setting for its playscenez. The rooms included:

  1. Nursery
  2. Changing Room (with Clothez Closet)
  3. Play Room (with Toy Shelf)
  4. Family Room
  5. Kitchen
  6. Back Yard
  7. Attic
  8. Playpen (accessed by pressing CTRL+P)

Most content in the game can be downloaded and accessed by anyone via user-websites. Users have created ways to make the game playable with Windows XP and create custom content that users can use with their Babyz, as well as unofficial adoption centers and pages.

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