Bad Toys 3D

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Bad Toys 3D
Basic Information
Video Game
Tibo Software
Tibo Software
First-person Shooter
Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
Microsoft Windows
Windows 3.1
Retail Features
Main Credits
Pavel Valach and Libor Valach
United Nations International Release Date(s)
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In-game screenshot

Bad Toys 3D is a first-person shooter game for PCs running Windows 3.1 and above, released by Tibo Software in 1998.

Story[edit | edit source]

The company Happy Toys, after experiencing a stock plunge, is bought by Delta Military Systems and so becomes Delta Toys. Then on Christmas Day, a security guard of Delta Toys was charged with shooting his own daughter, which he claims was actually done by a toy. DMS loses contact with Delta Toys shortly after, and a SWAT team is sent in. However, soon all are reported as Missing in Action. In desperation, the Defence Council sends in the best man they have to find out what is going on and eliminate the threat.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are twenty-five levels of play, of which three are included in the shareware version. The player explores rooms and opens doors with their mouse, keyboard or joystick, choosing weapons, collecting ammunition and shooting armed toys as they go. The game is also very found of monster traps, which will often spring up when a player returns to a previously neutralized area or while the player's back is turned. The player has three lives to start with and games can be loaded and saved in progress. The game can be made into stereo sound and much larger formats on modern computers. The game does not feature overt graphic violence, featuring stars instead of blood, but it does contain a cartoon nude poster texture - making its target audience questionable. Generally, it has been taken as an absurdest or even parodic game; audio is used sparsely, and ambient noises help build up a tense atmosphere.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Health and Lives Powerups: First Aid kits (A First Aid Kit), Hamburgers (A Hamburger), Chips (A Bag of Chips), 8up (A Can of Soda Pop), and Lives (A Red Heart).
  • Keycards: There are 3 types of Keycards, 1 Green Stripe Keycard, 2 Yellow stripes Keycard, and a 3 Red Stripes Keycard
  • Weapons There are four ways the player can attack the bad toys. Key 1 gives you a Fist. All other keys need sufficient ammunition. Key 2 gives you a pistol (A Pistol), key 3 a DD7 (A Shotgun like Weapon) and key 4 an ELM500 (A Plasma gun), which only appears in later levels of the game. *There is more ammunition (and plasma guns) around the factory and going over some dead toys can give you more ammunition.
  • Tactics: The game can become monotonous if you are continually "killed" and keep having to start again so the game has a SAVE facility. If you do well on a level, press the ESCAPE button on your keyboard and use it to save where you are. Then if you are "killed" you can use the drop down menu to load the place you saved. That way you can avoid repetition in the game. You can continuously save on levels, assigning each save a new designation.

There are times when you have so many bad toys against you, you are not going to beat them and speed can work in this case, just ignoring them and getting beyond their range. You are often given a second or two before a toy attacks and blasting away at even the big monsters with a pistol can beat them. Press button "M" on your keyboard and a map of the area you have covered on that level comes up showing where you are (and if previously found) where doors are which fit the keys (they match the colour of the key that opens them). The toys normally warn you of an attack by a sound they make. You can quickly enter a door and instantly withdraw, so being warned if there is something on the other side. One annoying point about the game is that toys can almost shoot around corners. However this works in your favour as well in that as soon as you see the edge of a toy, start blasting away.

  • Beating level 25 There is only one key (No.3) You face an almost unbeatable robot monster. You have to decoy it into the opposite room and from a sharp angle outside (where it will stay where it is) empty a "99" load of your plasma gun into it then 15 or more rifle shots. When dead go over it to get key 3.

History[edit | edit source]

Original version

The game was made by Czech brothers Pavel and Libor Valach and was first issued in black and white as simply Bad Toys in 1995, and spread mostly through shareware compilation disks. The original title featured only sixteen levels, with a one level shareware release. It is particularly notable as a first-person shooter made for Windows in a time when DOS still reigned supreme as a gaming platform. In 1998 the new colourized and enhanced version was released. Since then, Tibo Software has also created the Jigs@w Puzzle and Rolling Marbles games. Due to the game's non-English authors, the translations are a bit clunky.

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