Banana Prince

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Banana Prince
Basic Information
Video Game
2D Platform
NES Cartridge
NES Controller
NES and Family Computer
Retail Features
Technical Information
European Union European Release Date(s)
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Family Computer
December 201991
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Bananan Ouji no Daibouken for Nintendo Entertainment System, is a 2D platform game that was released in Japan 12-20-91, by Takara. Other version with slightly different graphics and gameshow questions was released in Germany as Banana Prince on February 1992. An English translation patch is available for the ROM.

Story[edit | edit source]

As an Island Native, the Banana Prince is on a quest to retrieve the stolen weapons of the island; along the way he'll pick up companions and even appear on a game show, which allows you to warp to another level. Like Jack and the Beanstalk, he has with him a bag of seeds that allows him to grow a flower and climb it. There are also hidden platforms, and doors that can only be reached by collecting flower tokens (which allow him to grow a bigger flower).

Gallery[edit | edit source]