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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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The following page is the central walkthrough page for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Skills and Gadgets[edit | edit source]

Batman begins the game with only Batarangs and a grappling hook at his disposal. During the course of the game, he unlocks new gadgets for usage, allowing him to solve new puzzles and challenges. Additionally, by gathering XP points through combat or solving Riddler challenges, Batman can upgrade his equipment and unlock new moves.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The missions of Batman: Arkham Asylum are divided into Primary Objectives, which contain smaller objectives pertaining to Batman's immediate objectives. This walkthrough is organized according to these Primary Objectives.

  • Introduction: The Caped Crusader returns the Joker to Arkham Asylum. Suspecting something is wrong, Batman accompanies Joker into Intensive Treatment. When Joker escapes, Batman races after, with the asylum quickly descending into chaos around him.
  • Rescue Commissioner Gordon: Joker has Commissioner Gordon kidnapped, and threatens to kill him if Batman follows. Batman must free Gordon from Harley Quinn's clutches before he can resume his chase.
  • Analyze Dr. Young's research notes in the Batcave: Concerned about Bane's increase in power and suspecting Dr. Young's involvement, Batman heads to the Batcave hidden in Arkham Asylum to investigate.
  • Locate Dr. Young: Having discovered what Joker is after, Batman races against Joker to find Dr. Young and keep Joker from learning the TITAN formula.
  • Destroy the Titan Production Facility: With the TITAN formula now in Joker's hands, Batman must locate the kidnapped warden in order to find and destroy the Titan Production Facility hidden within the Asylum's Botanical Gardens.
  • Synthesize anti-Titan compound: The Production Facility has been destroyed, but Joker has escaped with enough TITAN to cause severe problems. Knowing that he needs an antidote to negate the serum, Batman searches for the necessary components.
  • Stop Poison Ivy from destroying the island: Empowered by TITAN and drunk on power, Poison Ivy is tearing Arkham Island apart with her mutated plants. Left with only a small sample of the TITAN antidote, Batman races to stop her. However, he is forced to stop along the way to handle another threat.
  • Stop Joker from polluting the Gotham River: Batman must place neutralizing Ivy on hold, in order to stop Joker from dumping TITAN waste product into the Gotham River.
  • Go to the party: Now that Poison Ivy has been defeated, all that remains is to confront Joker.
  • Defeat Joker before he destroys Gotham: This long, hard night can only end in one way: stopping Joker once and for all. It's time for the final fight with the Crown Prince of Crime.

Riddler Challenges[edit | edit source]

Early in the story, Batman is contacted by the Riddler, who has set challenges for him to solve all across Arkham Asylum. Each Riddler Challenge Batman completes is worth 200XP points, and there are 240 Riddler Challenges in total.

Riddler Trophy Guide by Area[edit | edit source]

The areas are listed by the order in which they are first visited during the plot. Each area holds either 20 or 30 Riddler Challenges in total.

Riddler Challenge Categories[edit | edit source]

Chronicles of Arkham[edit | edit source]

Within Arkham Asylum are 24 stone slabs, each with an insignia of a beetle on them. When scanned with the Environmental Scan, they will reveal a message left by someone claiming to be the "Spirit of Amadeus Arkham".

The final message will not be revealed until the first 23 have been found. The location can be determined by deducing the true identity of the Spirit of Arkham.

Joker Teeth[edit | edit source]

These are a set of wind-up teeth left by the Joker throughout the Asylum, which cackle obnoxiously as they chatter along the floor. In order to complete certain challenges, a set number of teeth within a certain area must be destroyed. To destroy these teeth, simply throw at a Batarang at them.

Patient Interview Tapes[edit | edit source]

Throughout the facility are audio tapes from interviews with the more infamous patients of Arkham Asylum. These are cylindrical rolls of tape which appear orange when scanned in Detective Mode.

A total of five tapes exist for each patient: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and the Riddler himself.

Riddles[edit | edit source]

These word puzzles are solved by performing Environmental Scans at certain elements of the asylum. The scan must be performed at the correct distance and angle to be solved. These Riddles will not be unlocked until the Riddler makes contact with Batman.

One of these riddles, which appears in multiple areas, is to find and scan a question mark that is only visible in Detective Mode. This mark is only fully visible when viewed from a certain position, and must be aligned properly to solve. Most riddles, however, pertain to characters within the Batman universe.

Riddler Trophies[edit | edit source]

By far the most prolific Riddler Challenges, Riddler Trophies are green question marked-shaped trophies hidden across the island. To solve these challenges, simply collect the trophy.

Secrets Map[edit | edit source]

Each section of Arkham Island has a map revealing the locations of all Riddler challenges within the area. Once Batman finds and locates a map, the unsolved Riddler challenges in the respective area will appear on his map, denoted by green question marks.

Secret Room[edit | edit source]

A secret room is hidden within Arkham Mansion. To find it, head to the Warden's Office. From there, head to the wall on the left and spray it with three charges of Explosive Gel. Once you detonate, the wall will come crashing down, revealing the secret room.