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Other Products from Bob Dolan[edit | edit source]

DeskMenu -- A slimmed down Program Manager for Windows
Version 1.20 - May 1993

An efficient replacement or addition to the Program Manager. Provides a menubar at the top of the Windows desktop with menu headings defined by you to represent the categories of applications you typically need to access. A simple interface allows you to customize the look and feel of this useful system utility.


WinGo! -- The classic Bingo for Windows
Version 1.0 - May 1993

Finally Bingo has arrived for Windows! You match wits with Rosie, an alert and cunning adversary. You can play with as many cards as you can handle at the speed you like. Fully configurable to adapt to your playing style. The registered version includes digitized voice calling for the most realistic Bingo play possible.


WinDial -- A Windows Phone Book that dials
Version 1.0 - May 1993

An easy to use phone book that will automatically dial any selected number as long as you have a modem. When a busy signal is detected, you can tell WinDial to retry until someone answers. Other busy attempts can be placed into a queue, and all will be retried in order.


Mister Clean -- Clean up your hard drive
Version 1.00 -- March 1993

One of the most efficient ways to clean up those hidden but unwanted or unused files that take up needed space. A slick Windows 3.x user interface makes this utility a must have for your toolbox. Mister Clean finds files the you specify and sorts them by size. You click on the ones you want deleted and then off they go, one-by-one (to be safe) or all at once. Not sure what the file is? Then run it right from Mister Clean and check it out before dumping it! Truly a unique way of managing precious disk space.


<softWAREhouse> -- A warehouse for all of your software
Version 1.00 -- January 23, 1993

<softWAREhouse> provides your system with the ability to access more applications than it can hold at one time. This is made possible by storing installed applications offline until they are needed. When required, they are put back on the user's machine in the same condition and location as they were when originally stored. All of this power is surrounded by an easy to use point and shoot menu interface.


Yacht-Z -- A dice strategy game for Windows
Version 2.2 -- May 1993

Yacht-Z is a version of the classic dice game. Now, in addition to triple scoring, single scoring is included for quicker, simpler games. Due to popular request, up to four players can now play at one time. A new look to all dialogs gives the program new life in the world of Windows 3.1


BattleGrid -- War in a window -- Battleship for Windows 3.x
Version 2.0 -- May 1993

BattleGrid is a version of the classic board game. Play against the computer or another person. Watch the computer play against itself using different strategies. Several levels of a computer opponent are available, from idiot to genius.


MagnaFile -- A DOS user interface
Version 2.2 -- October 1992

MagnaFile is a DOS shell which is directed at a wide range of users from the DOS beginner to the most prolific DOS power users. MagnaFile provides services to the user to simplify access to DOS. It also increases the efficiency of doing many of the more tedious operations DOS requires.

MagnaFile commands are carried out using a one-key interface. Most operations are associated with a very obvious key, such as <C> for the Copy command.

The most useful utilities provided by MagnaFile are:

  • For Single Files or Groups of Files:
    • Copying
    • Moving
    • Deleting.
    • Attributes
    • Printing
  • File Descriptions (40 characters)
  • File Viewing & Editing
  • File execution
  • Disk navigation
  • File & Directory Renaming
  • File Archiving, Unarchiving, and Archive viewing
  • Command line interface
  • Mouse handling
  • Screen saver and password protection
  • Run programs from a smart menu interface

MagnaFile is similar to Norton Commander(NC). Users of this product say that MagnaFile will be an important tool on your computer, no matter what level user you are.


Smart Solitaire -- The Smart way to play Solitaire
Version 1.01 -- November 9, 1989

A text mode klondike solitaire card game which uses the mouse. Features BOSS mode and smart playing features, such as automatic card placement in obvious situations. Very addicting and fun!


FreeWare[edit | edit source]

VLINES Version 1.0 - May, 24 1990
VLINES is a flying lines demo that runs on VGA adapters. It can produce some interesting moire patterns as well as brilliant color combinations.
TCAL Version 1.0 -- June 24, 1990
The TSR Calendar (TCAL) is a resident popup calendar which is useful for viewing any month of any year by controlling the PgUp, PgDn, and arrow keys.
Laser Fireworks Version 1.0 - August 11, 1990
Laser Fireworks is a pyro like demo program which utilizes lasers having the effects of fireworks. Hard to explain, fun to watch!
Phone Base Version 2.0 -- November 8, 1990
Phone Base is a program that includes a small dedicated database with just two fields. Any two field database requirement you have can be filled by Phone Base. However, the primary intention of this application is the storing and dialing of phone numbers.
DcD Version 1.1 -- October 1991
DcD is a utility to assist DOS users in moving about a Hard disk drive directory structure. When you run DcD, it scans your disk and builds a tree which reflects the directory relationships that exist. Once this is done, DcD can present you with this tree, displayed in a graphical nature. You may move a cursor to other directories and change to them by pressing the <Enter> key.
TLines Version 1.0 -- October 1991
A moving lines demo, similar to VLINES, this program runs in text mode and draws lines using several types of text characters.
FreeView Version 1.0 -- October 7, 1991
FreeView is a hex or text file viewer. FreeView provides text searching functions and can handle files up to 5000 lines in length.
Idle Version 1.0 -- October 1991
Idle is a text mode screen saver, which will display a message you specify. The message is shown in a box which moves around the screen until a keystroke interrupts it. The user is returned back to DOS if the correct password is entered. All parameters are user specified.
Starz Version 1.0 -- October 1991
A user controllable starfield. If a mouse is connected, the user can steer the display. Occasional speed changes and swirls make this an interesting screen saver.
BackYard Football Version 1.00 -- November 16, 1991
A DOS text mode real-time football game for one or two players. Modeled after the old hand held football games. Complete running stats, and challenging control of passing, running and kicking make this a fun game. Games can be saved and loaded in progress.