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Minecraft: Java Edition
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Minecraft Forge
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BattleTowers is a mod that spawns multi-level towers made of either Stone, Ice, Cobblestone, Sandstone, Moss Stone or Netherrack, with up to 10 levels each. Each level includes a double chest, and two monster spawners. The potential contents (including the probability of what items appear, and in what quantities) are fully configurable via a config file. The top level is home to a Boss, and will be angered if a player approaches, or attempts to open one of the chests on the top two levels. The boss does not spawn in Peaceful mode. The loot on the top two levels can contain items such as Diamonds, Gold Ingots and Ender Pearls.

Ice Towers have no lighting inside, lightning in Netherrack Towers are provided by Glowstone blocks, and lighting in other towers are provided by Torches.