Battle of Atlantis

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Battle of Atlantis
Basic Information
Video Game
Game World Manufacturing
Scrolling Shooter
8-way Joystick, 2 Buttons (bullets, bombs)
Retail Features
Gameplay-1-2 Players Alternating.png
Play Information
Main Credits
Game World Manufacturing
Arcade Specifications
Raster, 224 x 256 pixels, 99 colors
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
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Battle of Atlantis is a scrolling shooter arcade game by Game World Manufacturing / Comsoft released in 1981, similar to "Scramble".

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The mission of the game is to finish the six tables (levels) by shooting enemies. Through all six tables, build up your bonus by blowing-up the fuel tanks.

  • Table 1 : Avoid and destroy the floating mines.
  • Table 2 : Exploding sharks appear as well as the destroyers.
  • Table 3 : A cavern where octopuses lie in wait.
  • Table 4 : A complex of towers replaces the lower part of the cavern. As well as the destroyers and octopuses, the mines reappear in large numbers.
  • Table 5 : Accelerated version of Table 4.
  • Table 6 : You return to Table 1 in an accelerated version.