Battlefield Online

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Battlefield Online
Basic Information
Video Game
Neowiz Games, Electronic Arts, EA Digital Illusions CE
Neowiz Games
First-person Shooter
Microsoft Windows
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Battlefield Online (Korean: 배틀필드 온라인) is a free online first person shooter developed by Neowiz Games, Electronic Arts and EA Digital Illusions CE, and distributed by Neowiz Games.[1] It is a remake of Battlefield 2. However, its game engine is not Battlefield 2's one, but Battlefield 2142's modified Refractor Engine 2, with graphic-improvements over Battlefield 2.[2] It is being developed by Neowiz Games of South Korea with oversight from license-holder Electronic Arts. Having started its 2nd beta test, Battlefield Online unlike Battlefield 2 has shown support for 100-maximal-player battles.[3] The open beta test of the game was started on March 30, 2010. The game's servers shut down on May 21, 2013.

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